Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We're here!

It's 3 am here and Keith was right: if we go to bed too early it's going to mess us up. After a LONG day, I stayed up as long as I could, but crashed a little after 9:00 pm and now I'm wide awake. So I might as well blog about what we're doing . . .

Our flight here was good--but the goodbyes to family, not so much. : ( Right now it's weird because we feel like it's vacation and we'll be home next week or something, but reality will set in soon enough I'm sure.

So anyway, we landed in Amsterdam early, got a big station wagon for our eight bags, and headed an hour away to Eindhoven, the city where we'll be living. It was a beautiful day here, clear and cool, so that was nice to arrive to. We checked into the hotel at about 3:00 pm (9:00 am Atlanta time--did I mention we're 6 hours ahead?), and someone from the relocation company picked us up at 3:30 to go sign our lease and do a walk-through of the house. It was just as we remembered it, and I can't wait for movers to come bring our stuff. They're thinking Friday, but we'll see. Our dog, Murphy, is arriving Friday as well and I can't wait to see him . . . I know he misses us, and we are so grateful to my parents for keeping him this week and helping to get him on a plane on Thursday.

So right now we are staying at a nice hotel in the City Centrum of Eindhoven, running errands this week, etc. Our agenda for today: I have to fill out paperwork at the expat center, one small task at the bank, and then do some shopping! We have our priorities . . . washer/dryer for the house, coffee maker for Keith, and a flat iron for me! Then we can get to all the other non-essential electronics for the house later. ; )


PS -- This is Keith and me in front of our new house (not "home"--I stand corrected) in Eindhoven. For those of you who don't know, orange is THE color of the Netherlands, hence, our orange door. But I like it--it adds character to the house.  : )  I am 31 weeks pregnant in this picture--9 weeks to go!


  1. You look so cute! Glad ya'll made it there safely, and I can't wait to hear all about your adventures!

  2. Hi Jessica,

    Ryan from the Amsterdam blog. It's so good to see we're not the only ones nuts enough to do this! Let's keep in touch, and we can figure out how to raise expat babies in the Netherlands!

  3. You may be 6 hrs ahead of everyone else, but not me for the time being :)

  4. Awesome start Jessi & Keith! OX!!!