Thursday, August 25, 2011

Time flies . . . when you're feeding every three hours

I can't believe it's been thirteen days since I started labor and Liam is now 10 days old! Many people told me that the days will fly by, but I really had no idea it would be like this! It seems like all of the sudden, Keith and I are figuring out what to eat for dinner and talking about how we're going to work the night shift. I have no concept of time throughout the day except to reference Liam's schedule . . .

"It's been three hours since he last fed."

"It's been thirty seconds since we changed his diaper and he's going again??"

"It's been two and a half hours since he fell asleep."

"We have ten minutes to eat!" : )

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pura Vida - Part Two (Life with Liam)

One week down . . . many more to go! And what a week it has been. We have been blessed beyond measure with our sweet son, who constantly is making us laugh and surprising us in wonderful ways. Has it all been easy? Absolutely not. But just because it isn't perfect doesn't mean it's not wonderful. We have had our nights of absolutely no sleep, been christened by the golden fountain of youth, and I have had my moments of crying mother's guilt over making the right decisions for him (for something so life-changing as "Should I feed him again when he just finished 30 minutes ago??").

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pura Vida - Part One ( L & D )

As you can imagine, it's been hard to get around to blogging lately. : ) But I'll try to start at the beginning. . . this post will be about our weekend-long labor and delivery, and then I will do another post all about our little man. : )

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Missing the market . . .

I am currently struggling with how much and how often to post, as life settles down and there really isn't as many exciting things to write about -- though give me a week and I will bragging like crazy about my little boy and probably sharing all kinds of minute details! But for right now, I have my boring, uneventful, common-place days, and it can be difficult to make that something exciting to share! This week has kind of been one of those weeks so far, and it mainly is because I've been a little tired and trying to get some extra rest. Monday was the first day I've taken a nap in weeks, and it was because I was just so exhausted for no reason at all -- well, yes, growing a child and all, but just an abnormal tiredness for me and my pregnancy. Something exciting that did happen on Monday evening was getting a package from my mom filled with all kinds of pregnancy and baby stuff! Thanks Mom! : )

Monday, August 8, 2011

. . . end of a summer

I can hardly believe we've been here eight weeks already! Sometimes Keith and I look at each other and say, "Can you believe we live here?" It's definitely not vacation anymore, and we've settled into our routines, grocery shopping, cooking at home, learning where to shop for what, and meeting new friends. I assume that we've had similar experiences as anyone who has moved to a new city, just adding in the small language barrier, local currency, and 32 million bicycles (literally 32 million bicycles in a country of 16 million people). There of course have been some small adjustments to be made, some more pleasant than others.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Have a nice trip, see you next fall!

This week Keith has been busy conducting a workshop at Philips with several colleagues in town for it. He even brought some traditional Dutch stroopwafels to the workshop, which he said were devoured by the end of the day. I have no idea why these haven't been introduced in the states, but I promise to bring some back when we come home for Christmas! So last night we went out to dinner at Usine with four of them. Usine is a restaurant located in the bottom floor of the old Philips Lighting Factory and it has that sort of eclectic-yet simple-warehouse-feel . . . huge exposed ceilings, bare bulbs, old wooden tables with contemporary plastic chairs, you get the picture (which is a good thing, because I didn't). So at dinner everyone ordered steak frites (which was just a small piece of not-great steak served with fries) except for Reid and I. Can you guess which one of us had which meal?

steak tar tar
vegetarian quiche
I guess it's probably a no-brainer -- the steak tar tar was surprisingly delicious!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

countdown . . .

I guess there's lots to catch up on since I haven't written in a week . . . my apologies! First, no, Liam has not arrived yet (because someone pointed out that when they don't hear from me for a couple days, they've worried I've gone into labor!). And since it is now August, it's officially Liam's birth month! (well, hopefully he won't wait until September . . . )