Sunday, September 25, 2011

Things I've learned . . . (3 & 6 weeks)

I've learned a lot as the weeks have passed by, about babies and how to be a mom and how to not go insane . . . I think I will continue to jot these things down as Liam and I go through all the stages to come. I started this list a while back, and already things have changed; but for right now, here's what I learned when I was a Mommy to a 3 week old:
  • Yoga pants and a tank top are pajamas and an outfit -- good for day or night! (though I couldn't do a downward dog to save my life)
  • I've learned to sleep with my glasses on, which shaves valuable seconds off a baby emergency, like whimpering
  • Baby nails grow much faster than I am wanting to cut them (and although they are thin, they are sharp!)
  • It is practically impossible to "sleep while the baby is sleeping" [#1 piece of advice to a new mom] -- otherwise when would I shower, eat a meal, wash his burp cloths, brush my teeth, feed the dog, and other important things like blogging and Facebook?? I'm lucky to get 20 minutes to myself  . . .
  • Boys pee when they're cold. 'Nuff said.
  • Friends is still funny, even when you can't hear it because the volume is turned down in fear of waking baby
  • Men don't always know what they want, starting at a very young age
  • When the baby is napping, there is no worse enemy than the doorbell. Especially when you have a dog.  Named Murphy.
  • I've learned how to sleep in an upright position -- uncomfortable doesn't exist when you're exhausted
  • At a time in my life when I'm supposed to eat an extra 500 calories a day, I don't have time to make a sandwich, if I even remember to eat at all! 
  • After months of looking forward to sleeping on my belly while I was pregnant, I still can't! My sensitive and swollen girls have me back-sleeping for a little longer . . . sheesh.
  • You fall more in love each day.

And being Mommy to a 6-week old:
  • I've learned you can actually sleep with one eye open -- but rather than keeping an eye out for danger, like movie antagonists suggest, it is glued to a video monitor for the better part of a night
  • I've learned how to take a five minute shower and do my makeup in one
  • When babies start to grasp things, ponytails are a Mommy's best friend
  • It turns out babies can sleep with noise, so now we have the luxury of actually hearing what we watch!
  • I've learned how to cut a steak with one hand while holding a paci in baby's mouth with the other
  • I've learned that things will get done . . . eventually . . . most likely at 3 in the morning when you're wide awake after a feeding and have approximately 20 minutes before needing to replace a paci
  • I've learned that your child's poop does not in fact smell like roses. It smells like poop. And anyone who says their child's poop doesn't smell is either lying or delusional.
  • There is a distinct window of opportunity between feedings when you can leave the house with baby -- and the window comes to a close about 15 minutes before you anticipate
  • If you want baby to wear a specific outfit to go out in, do NOT put it on until 5 minutes before you leave -- and even then it's iffy

Does anyone have any others to add? What other moms said was true -- every week gets easier! We've learned what his cries mean, how he likes to sleep, and got him on a schedule. And those few things have made a world of difference. I know this list will change with each phase of Liam's life, and one big thing I've learned is to enjoy it all. Even at six weeks old, Liam has grown so much already. Those nights when he would only sleep in our arms are gone . . . and while I LOVE sleeping in my own bed at night, I miss that special time when only my arms were sufficient for him. He is such a snuggler and I love it! We're obviously not the only ones learning: at less than 45 days old, he's already focusing more on objects, following things with his eyes, smiling, cooing, keeping his head upright, grasping things, and growing bigger every day! The doctor even commented last week how alert and strong he was, and asked what I had been feeding him! Makes a mama proud . . .

Time passes, things change, babies grow up -- and I need to love every moment with him because in a second, it's gone. Right now Keith and I are his whole world and it is absolutely wonderful. One day he will be walking or running or driving away, but right now he is completely and totally dependent on us. And there is nothing he can do when I kiss him all over his sweet face! Every day is wonderful, even the hard ones. I wonder what I'll learn in the months to come . . .

~ Jessi

This was taken at one week old. He's changed so much already -- no double chin or chubby thighs in this picture . . . sigh.


  1. Oh I love it! Keep the lists coming, they are great! And you guys are doing a great job! It is amazing how much a child can teach you, and amazing that until you're actually in the midst of it, there is no way to fully comprehend what it is like for someone to be totally dependent on you- and even then almost impossible to explain!! Miss you guys- See you soon!

  2. I've learned that a baby can tell time at a very young age. Josc always knows when it is 7, 10, 1, 4, and 7 again!

    I also learned to have burp cloths everywhere in the house!

  3. Awesome Post! Those things are so true! Miss you guys. Pete