Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Meeting Gramps . . .

Liam meets his Gramps for the first time

Well I can't believe the week is over already. My dad arrived last Saturday and it was a wonderful seven days. The first thing he did was hug and kiss me, and then sat holding Liam until his next feeding. He was in awe. And Liam found the perfect place to rest this week -- my dad's chest.

It's hard to put an entire week into one post, but I will do my best. First of all, we ate WELL this week! My dad cooked most meals this week (see all the food pics!), and everything was de-lish. Keith and Papi went to the store almost daily to pick up whatever my dad wanted to cook that night. And while ingredients aren't exactly the same as you can get them in the states, he made do (for example, the chicken stock has actually chicken pieces in it, not just broth!). My favorite nights were the spaghetti night (just like we would do back home) and Cuban night (the tostones he made -- to die for). He also made a cheesy potato, chicken, and ham soup (I told you, the ingredients caused lots of improvisation, so everything was "Dutch potato soup" or "Dutch Spaghetti," etc.) that we ate on for a few days. It was so nice to have yummy meals made by my dad -- it brought home to us in a big way. 

Roasted chicken and veggies on Papi's first night
Dutch potato soup ; )

Spaghetti Monday! (instead of Sunday!)
Cuban! LOVED the black beans and tostones! YUM

There were a few days that we got out and about to show my dad the city, which was nice. One afternoon Papi, Liam, and I went to the City Centrum to walk around and pick up a few things, and we got lucky! The market was going on in the Centrum and Papi and I experienced our first fresh stroopwafel.  It was uh-mazing! We of course had to take a picture to show Keith what he was missing . . . and we tried to catch the market the next day when it came to our winkelcentrum in Woensel, but we got there late and everyone was closing shop. : (

So we went to the City Centrum twice this week and also to our winkelcentrum a couple times to eat lunch and walk around. On Thursday we had an appointment at the US Consulate in Amsterdam to order Liam's passport and social security number. Getting his passport picture made was very funny -- it could only be him in the picture and his eyes had to be open (we had to wake him from a nap) -- I think the photo shop guy took a dozen pictures to get one that would work! Unfortunately it was a pretty rainy day (typical in Amsterdam), so it was hard to do much site-seeing, but we were able to get a picture with the famous "I AMsterdam" sign. And I'm really glad Papi and I picked up a rain cover for Liam's carseat and stroller . . . it definitely came in handy this week with all the drizzle and wind. I think Papi pushed that stroller around town this week like it was his job -- he was so proud of Liam and wanted to spend all the time he could with him. He even picked up the night shift a few times for us, so Keith and I actually got several hours sleep in a ROW, together in the same bed -- incredible! 

Liam loved hanging with Papi : )
Out to lunch at the Philips cafe in the stadium

Liam's new quilt!
Keith and I realize that making a trip to see us is a big sacrifice on anyone, and my dad was no exception. My stepmom wasn't able to make it out this trip, so I know they missed each other terribly, and my dad stayed torn between two continents. But the week we spent with him was one of our best weeks here, and I am so glad he got to see Liam. He commented on something I had thought for a while now, that Liam is different in person than in pictures -- pictures don't capture how blue his eyes are, or how strong and alert he is. My dad would marvel at him and talk to him and laugh at his faces. We had such a good visit and I can't wait to go home in December to spend more time with family. It was really hard to watch him leave -- he even joked (I think) about hiding Liam in his suitcase to take him home -- he said we could pick him up at Christmas! I know it was hard for my dad as well, not wanting to leave us, but also wanting to be with Cheryl. She was here in spirit, however, and sent along a quilt she made for Liam out of all his bedding patterns . . . I absolutely love it and will cherish it forever!

I love my three men!
Miss my dad already!

I truly can't believe that he is now four weeks old. And after ALL the food this child eats, he is finally getting some fat under that skin! When he was born his legs were so skinny, and now he's getting some rolls and wrinkles on his thighs -- precious! His chin got a twin right underneath it ; ) and he is definitely growing into a big boy! We have a doctor's appointment next week and I can't wait to find out how much he weighs! 

Next up -- my first days as a stay-at-home mom . . . 

~ Jessi


  1. There are times in our lives that are forever etched into our memories. They are so indelible that neither time nor the dimness of old age can erase them from our senses. Holding Liam for the first time is one of those memories.

    Luis Camacho - aka Papi

  2. WOW! Awesome. I am so happy for you Jessica!!!! Liam looks so adorable - can't wait to meet him.
    Love to you all!!!
    your titi lou

  3. Okay, this is a precious moment that you are blogging about...it is wonderful that all of you appreciate how spectacular this time is!! I am so elated for you...enjoy!!!