Sunday, September 25, 2011

You've Got Mail!

Well, actually WE got mail . . . two packages arrived from the States yesterday and it was so fun to open them! We got a care package from my stepdad that had a beautiful fleece blanket his wife had made for Liam, complete with his name embroidered on the corner, and lots of American goodies that we can't find here in the Netherlands. We have enough Oreos, taco seasoning, and Texas Pete Buffalo Wing Sauce to last us the winter! I can't wait to make my first batch of buffalo chicken dip for one of our football Saturdays! Thanks guys!

Buffalo Chicken Dip, here I come!
Homemade blanket for Liam

Goodies from Montana!
We also got a package from our dear friends, Kristin & Justin, who moved to Montana a few months before we moved here. They are loving it out west, but we sure miss seeing them and their sweet little girl, Kaitlyn who is two and a half years old (already, sheesh)! They sent some awesome gifts for Liam: a Yellowstone zip-up hoodie (which I LOVE), a decorative frame with Liam's name on it, adorable socks for his gigantic feet, a "taggies" blanket, baby art cards, a picture of their beautiful family, and a picture that Kaitlyn painted for Liam. Whew! Liam has already looked at the animal cards and was totally captivated by them!

We were able to Skype with Justin and Kristin on Friday and I just love hearing Kaitlyn's voice and all the talking she does now. She calls Liam "Lamb," which is ironic because Murphy has always been the "lamb" in the family -- whenever we all got together, Murphy and their Giant Schnauzer, Gunther, would run and play as Gunther would gallop like a graceful black horse and Murphy bounded behind him like a playful lamb. Oh how I miss those days!

Anyway, so it was so nice to get these packages and know we are thought of back home. I can't wait to see everyone in December -- only 11 more weeks!

~ Jessi

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  1. Oh fun- glad you got it!!! I guess I'll comment on all your posts while I'm at it! Enjoy, hopefully those colors on the frame match his room ok! Gunther does miss frolicking with Murphy!! Give everyone a hug!