Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Missing the market . . .

I am currently struggling with how much and how often to post, as life settles down and there really isn't as many exciting things to write about -- though give me a week and I will bragging like crazy about my little boy and probably sharing all kinds of minute details! But for right now, I have my boring, uneventful, common-place days, and it can be difficult to make that something exciting to share! This week has kind of been one of those weeks so far, and it mainly is because I've been a little tired and trying to get some extra rest. Monday was the first day I've taken a nap in weeks, and it was because I was just so exhausted for no reason at all -- well, yes, growing a child and all, but just an abnormal tiredness for me and my pregnancy. Something exciting that did happen on Monday evening was getting a package from my mom filled with all kinds of pregnancy and baby stuff! Thanks Mom! : )

Tuesday Keith worked from home so we decided to walk to the Winkelcentrum Woensel for lunch and tried a new place (to us) called Lunchroom Fifty-One. I ordered tomato soup and grilled cheese and Keith got a club sandwich. We had a nice leisurely lunch (including a yummy cappuccino), before walking back home where I vegged on the couch and watched some American TV on Boxee. Here's some pics of our lunch:

Round One: cappuccino and pretzel cookie : )
Round Two: tomatoensoep with bread and butter
Keith's Club Sandwich
My "grilled cheese" that wasn't s much grilled,
but still pretty good with "jonge kaas" = young cheese

Lunch with Sam

Today was a fun day because I got to meet a friend for lunch -- Sam, from the 4th of July BBQ -- at the Winkelcentrum. Our plan was to eat lunch and then head to the fresh market that sets up in the parking lot of the winkelcentrum every Wednesday. We sat down at the outdoor patio at Queen Bee and talked for a long time about all kinds of stuff -- living in the NL, living in the States, our significant others, Liam's impending arrival, etc. Sam is also Cuban so we also reminisced about South Florida and family back home. : ) She is headed to Miami next week for two weeks, so I am super jealous about all the yummy food she will be eating!

After lunch we were leaving Queen Bee when an older Dutch woman stopped us to tell us her granddaughter lives in America (I guess she overheard us talking?). Turns out her daughter was there and spoke English really well -- they have been living in New York for a year now and were back visiting family this week. Another coincidence is that this woman happens to be a midwife, so we had a nice talk about giving birth in the Netherlands -- and she also knows a midwife at my midwifery and said that it was a really good practice, which made me feel great! : )

Me, at the empty market, with my sad face : (
(39 weeks pregnant, 5 days to Liam's due date!)
After our extended lunch and impromptu chat with friendly strangers, we finally headed to the market which was taking place behind us this entire time. However, by this time the market was closing shop and we missed the entire event! We hurried over only to find empty booths and bare tables as everyone was loading up their trucks and hitting the road. : (  So now I have to wait until next Wednesday to hit the market, as long as Liam hasn't come by then!

T - 5 Days!

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  1. you look so cute... and I miss you guys A LOT!.. So keep the writing coming....soon this blog will switch from food and naps to Angel stories....I can't wait!!! LOL