Wednesday, August 3, 2011

countdown . . .

I guess there's lots to catch up on since I haven't written in a week . . . my apologies! First, no, Liam has not arrived yet (because someone pointed out that when they don't hear from me for a couple days, they've worried I've gone into labor!). And since it is now August, it's officially Liam's birth month! (well, hopefully he won't wait until September . . . )

Our weekend

Let's see, what all have we been doing?? Keith has had some co-workers in town, so we've eaten dinner with his colleagues for two out of the last four nights. Friday we ate with Wim, a native Dutchie who doesn't live in Eindhoven. What's interesting about Wim is that he is also a pastor -- we had wonderful conversation at dinner about all kinds of things (and not even work talk, which inevitably happens when we're with his co-workers). He was so kind and interested in our lives and what we think of the Netherlands so far. He also asked about my pregnancy and said that he's always been a little envious of pregnant women because of the miracle they get to be a part of . . . I couldn't agree more. It is the most amazing thing I've ever done in my life and I haven't even gotten to the giving-birth part! But I am already so honored that God chose me to be Liam's mom. : )

Saturday was spent doing -- what else -- shopping. It seems that we're always on the go on Saturdays because it's the one day a week we can do it together. Our first stop was a medical supply store where we needed to buy some thing for Liam's birth. Even if we don't end up giving birth at home (we're playing it by ear, depending on how it's going and how I feel), there are things we need to have for when the midwife comes to our house for the first part of labor. So after getting what we needed there, it was off to IKEA to get a few things, including some shelving for the books in Liam's room (what I was most excited about!). I ended up buying spice racks for €2.39 a piece that I painted and can't wait to hang to showcase all his books -- more about that when I do nursery pics! After IKEA, it was off to Praxis once more (the Dutch Home Depot), where Keith got some lamp kits to switch out the electrical parts in our lamps so we can still use them here, and I got some spray paint for my book shelf project. We finally headed home exhausted to have some dinner and relax.

Sunday was spent putting together all the IKEA stuff, I put a coat of paint on the shelves, and we finally had a chance to unpack and organize the office, which was pretty much the last room left to work on. The day ended with it looking 100% better than when we started that morning. We also hung some pictures in the house, and tried (for the fourth time) to hang these boxes in the nursery, to no avail. The wall we want to hang them on is just not conducive to nails or screws. : ( I've got to figure out another solution because I think they would look great there!


Monday was a busy project day for me . . . I walked to the winkelcentrum early to get a head start on my day, only to find out that HEMA was the only thing open! Apparently things open at 11:00 am on Monday (but still close at 5:00 pm), so I got a few things I needed from HEMA and headed back to get to work. I painted another coat on the shelves, made some prints to go in picture frames for Liam's room, and another one for our bedroom, before going back to the winkelcentrum in the afternoon for a few more supplies.

Monday night Justin, another friend/colleague of Keith's, came over for dinner and brought flowers, wine, and even some goodies from the states! He brought baking powder and baking soda which we can't find here and are necessary for some recipes we want to make, including Keith's homemade grilled pizzas! We plan to make them this weekend when we have our friends Jason and Deena over. Not only did Justin bring special food items, but he also brought a treat for Keith: an official Apple t-shirt and hat from the only place you can buy Apple retail products like that, which was pretty cool . . . especially when Keith put on said items that night when skyping with my dad, trying to help him with his new Mac as his "official" tech support--we all cracked up! : )


THAT was a milestone for me! Murphy had a grooming appointment and I had plans to go to a potluck lunch with the NAWC (North American Women's Club). This all meant that I was going to have to DRIVE.

All over the city.

                               To places I had never been.

                                                                                     Without hitting a bicyclist.

I was nervous, to say the least. I got all the addresses plugged into Google maps, and set on my way. It was not an easy task: driving stick, watching the map on my phone, reading signs in Dutch, looking for bicycles--and with a dog whining in my ear for the first part of my trip! I was able to get Murphy to the groomer, The Trendy Puppy, which was a little sketchy at first, but I ended up being thrilled with how she cut Murphy, so we'll definitely go back! I then got a teeny bit lost on my way to the potluck, but figured my way around town and even made it early! There were about 12 women total at the potluck, some I knew and some I didn't. We had a great time, the food was delicious (I brought green beans, which everyone loved : ) and we talked a lot about living in the Netherlands and where we all lived in the States. I was so glad I faced my fears and hit the town that day!

Murphy's new do
Tuesday night we had our final child birth prep class. The crazy/exciting/nerve-wracking thing was that we were short one couple -- because they had their baby last week! Out of the three couples, I was due first, then a Chinese couple due 10 days after me, and a Turkish couple due 10 days after that. At last week's class, Emmy asking how I was feeling and was complaining of cramping. She ended up going into labor later that night, and 6 hours later had a beautiful baby girl! She is worried because the baby came a little early (at 36 weeks), but luckily everything is ok and we are looking forward to seeing her at our class "reunion" this fall after all the babies are born!

. . . So I think that gets you all caught up on life in the NL -- I promise to try to stay more up-to-date! As far as my pregnancy, it's only 12 days until Liam's due date! However, only a small percentage of babies are born on their due, so I got some great advice to just plan something fun for that day so that I'm distracted and not sitting at home waiting for something to happen! I am still feeling great, loving carrying sweet Liam, and have not gotten to that point that many women do, where they say, "Get him OUT!" I recognize that this is the easy part right now, and I am just enjoying the end of this absolutely wonderful time in my life. I told Keith that this may be our last weekend as just a couple, which is both exciting and terrifying! Seriously though, I feel great, am still staying active, and I feel calm and confident about what's to come. I attribute that God, who has brought me peace, a loving and super supportive husband, and the prayers of good friends and family. So thank YOU. I'm looking forward to sharing pictures and stories about our sweet child so very soon!

Lots of love,

~ Jessi


  1. You have such a positive attitude! You said, "I know this is the easy part" and, while I know what you mean, 38 weeks pregnant is no where near "easy"! It's your amazing attitude that is making it seem mighty easy! You're such a wonderful role model for soon-to-be moms out there and just know you are truly admired! I just got out my Liam "charm" and I am ready to toast to the Coffey Family!

  2. I was glad to see this update, because I was also starting to wonder if Liam had made his debut! Enjoy these last few weeks of being his sole lifeline! I can't wait to see nursery pictures. I'm glad your lunch date was a success and that no cyclists were harmed in your adventure of getting there and back.

  3. Save hanging the boxes for your father. It'll give him something to do and he'll probably enjoy it. :)

  4. Thanks for the encouragement guys-- y'all are awesome. :)

    And you're right, I'm sure Papi will love being useful so I can put him to work (that is, whenever he is willing to put Liam down! Which probably won't happen often...)