Thursday, August 25, 2011

Time flies . . . when you're feeding every three hours

I can't believe it's been thirteen days since I started labor and Liam is now 10 days old! Many people told me that the days will fly by, but I really had no idea it would be like this! It seems like all of the sudden, Keith and I are figuring out what to eat for dinner and talking about how we're going to work the night shift. I have no concept of time throughout the day except to reference Liam's schedule . . .

"It's been three hours since he last fed."

"It's been thirty seconds since we changed his diaper and he's going again??"

"It's been two and a half hours since he fell asleep."

"We have ten minutes to eat!" : )

Which is why my itzbeen is so handy! I got it at a baby shower and it totally helps me keep track of time and Liam's schedule throughout the day. I'm not even wearing a watch (or any jewelry for that matter -- SHOCKER, I know!) so most days I go by when Liam's hungry and when I'm hungry, regardless of the time. People told me I would forget to eat, and they were right! I have to remind myself to get a snack during the day, otherwise I'd starve without realizing it.

Spencer & Liam
Let's see, what's happened this week? Well, Sunday our friend Spencer came over for dinner! He's in Amsterdam on business this week so he came by to see the three of us! We even treated him to some Dutch cuisine called Dominoe's Pizza. : ) It was so nice to see him and have a little piece of home here in the NL. And the best part is, his wife Jane (one of my very BFs) is flying out this weekend to meet Spencer and come see us for a couple days -- I really can't wait to see her!! And then my dad is coming in exactly nine days -- can you tell I'm so excited to have family and friends here?! : )

So, back to our week . . . Monday was our kraamzorg's last day, which was a little sad for me. She has been such a huge help and it's been nice to have someone so knowledgable answer all your questions each day and let you know that everything we're experiencing is completely normal. I wish the States would adopt this system! It's a heck of a lot cheaper than staying at the hospital for extra days, plus you get advice and help where you actually need it and can comprehend it -- at home! Keith took a picture of Marieke and Liam that I have yet to get off the camera, but will post when I have it. She promised to stop by sometime to see us because she lives right around the corner, and maybe I'll run into her at the Winkelcentrum!

So today, after 10 days, Liam and I finally made it out of the house! The four of us (Murphy included) went for a walk around the block, and I showed Liam the playground he will one day play on. We really enjoyed getting out and it is a beautiful day here -- Liam was very alert and looking all around the entire time. Now he is sleeping in his crib, resting up after a busy afternoon. : )

He is ready to go!
Mom and Liam's first time out of the house!
Exhausted after our walk . . .

Here are a couple more pictures from this week . . .

Liam hearts Mac
I know it's dark, but just too cute not to post : )

Ok, "itzbeen" four hours since I've eaten, so I better take advantage of his nap! Blog soon,



  1. I remember those days. Yes, people ALWAYS said that time would go by fast, but you have no idea until you're in the situation yourself. I had to keep a snack where I typically fed Eden when she nursed often and I would munch when she would nurse. Sometimes it was the only way I'd remember to eat!

  2. OMG! Are you so in love? I swear he looks just like in that picture of him in the stroller and then the profile pic totally throws me off.
    I love you and miss you and wish I was there to hold you beautiful baby boy!

  3. I remember posting on FB a few weeks in, "Is there still 24 hours in a day?" It is amazing! I also kept a stash of snacks next to the nursing chair. Another tip...I had three different water glass around the house so there was always some nearby. One of Kevin's jobs was to keep them filled! Hard to remember to take a drink and very hard to fill a water glass when your hands are filled!! Love all your updates!

  4. Loved it! Classic! It's so true, and I did the same as Sherrie r.... Had water glasses all over the house, b/c otherwise I would get stuck thirsty somewhere! You can imagine Justin always trying to clean them up, complaining that our house looked like the one in the movie "Signs"! Haha, I said "Please just leave the waters!" Liam is so precious! It is amazing, isn't it, he is your life from now on!!! Love the pic when his arms are thrown back- looks so peaceful when babies sleep like that!! Miss you- Skype this weekend when you guys can!!!

  5. Kristin -- you had Keith and I rolling! We can totally see Justin getting frustrated with the water glasses! We miss y'all so much and would LOVE to Skype this weekend. Give Kate a kiss from us and can't wait to see you guys!