Tuesday, July 26, 2011

our fun / frustrating night . . .

So I know I just posted yesterday, but I had to tell you about our adventure last night . . .

First, after we finished cooking, Keith turned off the burner on the stove, but it starting clicking every 2 seconds like it was trying to ignite. Click. Click. Click. Keith couldn't get it to stop, which was boiling point number one. You could hear it everywhere in the house because he figured out that all five burners were trying to ignite at the same time. He called the property management company to tell them, and hopefully get someone out to our house last night (which didn't happen). Click. Click. Click. Click.That was the beginning of our crazy evening.

Something for Liam

Then Keith was working on building Liam's swing. We got this really awesome swing that has a removable seat so it can be a bouncy too. Click. Click. So in the middle of the TV show we were watching (How to Make it in America, which is a pretty cool show by the way), Keith is huffing and puffing about putting this swing together. Click. Click. Click. At this point, he had had enough and went back down to the kitchen to tinker and figure out how to get it to stop (because as he said, "It's like dripping water!"). He finally was able to unplug everything until we could get someone out in the morning, and it put his mind at ease (a little).

Murphy watched us the whole time, resting
his head on my pregnancy books . . . sigh.
So back to "Daddy Builds Baby Stuff" . . . Keith has put together all the big baby stuff (crib, pack n' play, stroller, car seat, etc.) without ANY problems. This project, however, was a little more difficult. He finally threw his hands in the air, and . . .  asked.  for.  help. So we paused the show, I took over the reading of the directions, and we went very slowly step by step. To Keith's credit, the instructions were A-W-F-U-L. There were about 25 parts, with none of the parts labeled in the instructions, so it would say something to the effect of, "Insert leg tube into hole in leg bracket," but there are 8 tubes that look like leg tubes and we weren't sure which was which! Keith had me laughing so hard during this entire process that several times I had tears in my eyes (and almost running down my leg!). Our frustration was so fun and it is a memory that I'm sure I'll tell Liam about one day. Keith still swears that he is writing a letter to the company to complain about how terrible the directions were. We'll see . . .

Something for us

Obviously the swing / bouncer is for Liam, and I am thrilled with it! I cat wait to see him in it! But we also got a new piece of furniture for the grownups today: a "2 seater," also known as a "loveseat." We visited Seats & Sofas several weeks back to get some extra seating for our main level. When we found what we wanted, the store employee asked us if we wanted a 2-seater or 3-seater (aka, loveseat or couch). He then proceeds to tell us that this set we were looking at also has a 1-seater. I said, "You mean, a 'chair'?" I got so tickled about that and couldn't stop laughing! Anyway, they called yesterday to tell us our 2-seater arrived and they could deliver it today. One funny thing about the delivery process in the NL is that almost anything can be delivered -- for a price. We didn't realize this at first, but all standard delivery is for ground floor only. If you want something taken to another floor in the house, say a mattress or desk, you have to pay extra for them to take it to other floors. Thank goodness we haven't needed anything taken past our ground floor, but still, something very different about living here.

By the way, the handyman came to check out the stove today, and the whole thing needs to be replaced! So they've turned off the igniters for now, and will come back to remove the stove . . . and then we are without a stove for 3-4 working days. Lovely. They even asked if they could take the stove while we're away on holiday (see? Everyone takes holiday right now!), but I told him I'd rather them do it as soon as possible, as we have a baby coming any day now! Anyway, we're headed to our third child birth prep class tonight, so I better go get ready!


PS - Update: we messed up the dates for our class, and we actually go tomorrow and next Tuesday, so we drove all the way to Amstelveen for no reason at all . . . other than to listen to lots of Adele on the radio and Skype using the forward-facing camera on my iPhone (love that thing).

PPS - 20 days to go!!!

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