Friday, July 8, 2011

You should start nesting . . .

I realize I haven't blogged in a couple days, and it's because we've been super busy . . . my first task was to get our kitchen organized so that we could actually eat at home instead of going out three meals a day. So on Tuesday that's exactly what I did -- and six hours later the kitchen was done! Keith came home from work and said, "You must be nesting . . ." to which I replied, "No, this isn't nesting, just making the kitchen organized and manageable! Nesting is when I start deep cleaning the entire house." Keith's response? "Oh, then you should start nesting." He cracks me up. : )

So by that night I was utterly exhausted and Liam was letting me have it for being on my feet, bending up and down, and lifting too much all day long. I was REALLY sore and uncomfortable that night, so I decided to take it easy on Wednesday. I finally caught up on the Bachelorette using the Mac Mini (guilty American pleasure), unpacked the guest room, and did a couple loads of laundry in preparation for my cousin Jenna's arrival. Keith picked up Jenna and her boyfriend Brandon at the train station Thursday afternoon and we spent the rest of the day having lunch and walking around the Winkelcentrum Woensel (our shopping center that's walking distance from the house). We came home, relaxed for a little while, and then headed to Amsterdam/Amstelveen for the night . . .

Jenna and I enjoying some ice cream
in Woensel!
After dropping off Jenna and Brandon at the train station so they could go have dinner in Amsterdam, we drove to Amstelveen, a suburb outside Amsterdam, where we attended the first of four birthing / child prep classes. The class is taught by a woman in her home, and there were two other couples attending. One couple is Chinese and have lived here a few years, and the other couple is Brazilian and have been in the NL for about five years. Again, we heard how "brave" we were for moving here so far along in the pregnancy. The class was about 2 1/2 hours, and I really enjoyed it. We did some fun activities, as well as discussed lots of different things about labor, questions we had, and learned about what to expect during the whole process. I left there feeling really good and confident in what I already knew, and felt like maybe I'm more ready and knowledgable than I thought I was. Karen (the instructor) and I were on the same page regarding how I hoped our birth to go, so that made me feel good as well. All in all I'm looking forward to our next class!

So today we're taking Jenna and Brandon to Amsterdam to see some sights and hang out for the day . . . can't wait to tell you all about that later!