Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 4 - Murphy is mad . . .

After 25 grueling hours, Murphy made it from Atlanta to The Netherlands! We were a little freaked out there for a minute because he wasn't here as early as we had anticipated, and the people we were dealing with hadn't communicated as well as we would've liked--but regardless, he finally made it.

The neighbors were outside when Murphy was being dropped off, so we got to meet them as well. One older lady even said in her best English, "That's not a dog -- that's a lamb!" That cracks me up because we've always said Murphy looks like a lamb (especially next to his pals, Gunther "the horse," and Max "the pig"!). We were so excited to be reunited with Murphy, but we were definitely happier to see him than he was to see us . . . I think he was trying to punish us for putting him through such an ordeal! But now we are all back in the hotel together and Murph is relaxing next to me. : )

On another note, we went to the IKEA today (which surprisingly is smaller than the one in Atlanta) to look for a desk and some other things. We got some ideas for things to get for the house (like extra storage space since there is only one closet in the entire house), and I enjoyed an ice cream cone -- for those of you who frequent IKEA, is the ice cream machine as awesome in the other IKEAs as this one?? It was automatic, took my cone, and served the perfect swirl! I was one impressed pregnant woman!

So tonight we just ordered room service, stayed in with Murph, and ordered a movie on the TV. Tomorrow we have dinner plans with our friends the Wilsons, and who knows what shenanigans we'll get into during the day . . .



  1. Hey Keith....are the blonds over there as pretty as they say on TV????? Jose

  2. poor Murphey... he could just be sick from the trip, especially if he was stressed out during the ride... I could just see you with that great big smile while the ice cream was being served...LOL

  3. Gunther the horse misses him! Glad you guys are all together now! Skype soon so you can talk to the pre-teen 2 year old.