Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 2 - lots of walking . . .

Our early morning turned into a long day filled with lots of walking. I was able to get registered at the expat center, followed by some window shopping at the Media Markt for electronics. Keith ended up ordering our washer and dryer online (at for anyone looking in the NL!), and it will be delivered to our house on Monday. We also walked a few blocks down past the Philips Stadium to go to the Philips MyStore (see pics below) where Philips employees can purchase items at a discounted rate. I picked out my flat iron and blow dryer there. : )

Afterwards we walked back to the City Centrum and ate lunch at Frits's (an icon at Philips)--I had their tomatosoep and ensalad scampi (tomato soup and shrimp salad). It was all delish. But the best part was eating outside and people watching. I am going to start taking pictures of the people and the crazy bikes we see so I can do a whole post on the fashion here! THEN we walked to the UPC to order our cable/internet/phone for the house (I'll let you know how the cable is here soon), and finally headed back to the hotel for a nap.

After we woke up around 4:00 pm, we found out that the property management people from our new house had someone come out and clear the garden, trim the shrubs, etc., and they are also having cleaning people come on Thursday to clean the entire inside of the house for us . . . BIG relief! Now the movers can bring all our stuff into a clean house, which is one less stress for me to deal with. So we hopped in our car and drove to the house to check out the garden and drop off a few things. Afterwards we stopped at the Albert Heijn XL to get a few snacks for the hotel room. Below is a picture of the awesome way they do groceries here...

That evening, we went across the street from our hotel to have dinner at a little tapas place, and it reminded me how glad I am that we moved here in the summertime. It was a beautiful evening (was light out until 10:45 last night!) and we had a great time talking and enjoying each other. After a busy Day 2, we finally crashed at 11:30 last night (after a fun skype session with the 'rents). : )

Can't wait to tell you about Day 3!

Keith in the Philips MyStore
Philips Stadium - PSV is the Philips sponsored futbol team
Lunch at Frits's
View at dinner - that's our hotel on the left
At the AHXL, you grab a scanner, scan the items as you put them in your bags while shopping,  and then the cashier just docks the scanner to see your purchases and you pay!

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