Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 7 - Mexican in the Netherlands . . .

As of right now, it would be really great if we were moved into the house by the end of this week. We're hoping for Wednesday, but still waiting on customs to release our container (a 40-foot container that has all our furniture, boxes, car, etc.). This container also happens to have all my clothes and boots that would make life here just that much easier. : )

So this morning we went to the midwifery to fill out paperwork, get information, and make my next appointment -- we're getting an ultrasound on July 4th and I couldn't be more excited! We haven't seen Liam since about 18 weeks, so I'm anxious to see how much he's grown and what position he's in. I have my ideas, but it's different when you can actually see the baby on the monitor. After that Keith went into the office for the rest of the day, so Murphy and I walked around town for a while. Murphy did great, though I think he was a little overwhelmed with all the sights and people around (I don't know what he thinks he'd do with those pigeons if he caught one!). We walked for about 45 minutes through the City Centrum and back to the hotel. I've included one picture below, but I promise to try and take more tomorrow.

Today I was also contacted by Jennifer, who is part of the North American Women's Club and the International Women's Club here in Eindhoven. We spoke for over an hour about what all these two clubs have to offer, like special interest groups, seasonal activities, etc. I'm already going to a potluck lunch next Friday and a 4th of July BBQ for families on Saturday! I also have plans to join the "Mums and Tots" group when Liam arrives, and Keith and I are going to try out the Gourmet Group, a dinner group for couples that meets one Saturday a month. Jennifer also gave me lots of tips on where to find American items (including a store in Belgium that will order something if they don't have what we need), and other tricks of the trade for Americans. I took three pages of notes while talking to her and was really excited when we hung up -- there are already so many wonderful people reaching out to us, it is such a blessing!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! Keith and I ate Mexican for dinner tonight! It was ok, obviously no Tara Humata, but ok nonetheless. Keith and I got nachos (going with the safe option) and I had "helado"for dessert (the Dutchman pronounced the "h"). I've included a picture from the restaurant (that one's for you, Court), and for a brief minute Keith and I felt like we were back in Georgia . . . maybe it was the Gloria Estefan playing or the "cold chili" (aka: salsa), but it was nice. : )

So tomorrow is another day . . . our washer and dryer will be delivered to the house, along with our air shipment. This is important because it contains our air mattress -- Keith is tempted for us to stay at the house on the air mattress just to get out of this hotel room. But I think tomorrow night we will take some of our luggage over to the house to clear out the room a little, and maybe that will help.

I will keep you updated!

the church outside our hotel
a little Mexican memorabilia . . .


  1. So glad you are there safe and sound. What a blessing to already find women to talk to. I pray that you will find a wonderful woman who will become a lifelong friend!
    Have a fun day tomorrow.

    Debby Gibbs

  2. yummmm....Mexican. None of that in Italy!

  3. Everything continues to fall into place for you guys. I love and miss you!

  4. Thanks for keeping up your blog Jessica! And continuing to post it on FB. It helps me remember to go and read it. So glad you guys and doing well and that you found a Mexican place. Take a tequila shot for me!