Sunday, April 15, 2012

. . . Liam lately (8 months)

These days are so much fun with Liam! I feel like he is learning new things every day and immediately continues to do whatever it is -- no more waiting days before we see his tricks again! The way he moves and babbles and interacts with us is absolutely amazing. I feel so blessed, lucky to be his mom and have this opportunity to take care of him each day.

So, without further adieu, here are some more of Liam's 8 month pictures, along with more about my little boy . . .

 Liam didn't have a check-up this month, but my brother weighed him at the airport on one of those scales you put luggage on (no, I'm not kidding), and Liam weighed a whopping 22 pounds (10 kg)! Not surprising considering how much the boy eats!

Liam has moved from 9 month into 12 month clothing (but still size 74 here in the NL), and we quickly found that out during our visit to Georgia this month. We bought some things for him that we had to return immediately and exchange for bigger sizes! And he is even in some 12 month stuff that he probably won't fit into after we wash it a few times. sigh . . . my growing boy. Speaking of growing, we also moved into size 4 diapers, so he officially is in the same size diapers as his cousin Bailey, who is 6 months older -- and they are now within one or two pounds of each other! She is about a head taller than him, but my family thinks he weighs more, haha. : )

In addition to the 11 foods Liam had previously tried, he's added green beans, nectarines, peaches, apricots, white potatoes, bread, zucchini, and teething cookies. He eats three meals a day, and nurses four times a day. He is still eating two veggies, plus some fruit mixed with Greek yogurt for "dessert." While we were in the States Liam ate store-bought baby food and he's had a hard time adjusting back to homemade food. I think it has to do with the texture, which he was fine with before we left but now gags a lot more because my food isn't as thin as the jar stuff. It can make meal time very frustrating! I usually can trick him by just dipping the veggies into the fruit so he swallows it without realizing he doesn't like the chunks. We are also working on chewing by giving him more whole foods to practice gumming on. He really likes those mesh snack holders that he can mouth and get pieces of fruit without biting off whole chunks.

One really exciting thing that happened while we were in Georgia was that Liam got his first tooth! I discovered it at a restaurant with my parents. It was kinda bittersweet because Keith wasn't there to witness it, and I was excited to find it, but sad that it meant my little boy was growing up. You can see it pretty clearly in the pictures below -- so cute!

Lucky for me, as soon as we got back from Georgia Liam settled back into his old routine and never got jetlagged! We also did "Cry It Out" for a few nights to help Liam work on his self-soothing, and while it was absolutely heart-breaking to listen to on the nights he cried, he is a much better sleeper now -- he usually goes down between 9 and 10 pm, and sleeps all night until 8 or 9 am. If he does happen to wake up in the middle of the night, he might whimper for a minute, then put himself back to sleep. No more getting up to replace his paci or pat his bottom several times a night. It has made us all sleep so much better!

Liam is full on crawling now! This was another skill he worked on while in Georgia, and today on his 8 month birthday, he has really mastered it! He was Skyping with his Grandma and crawled right to her every time I tried to move him further away (he loves to touch and play with the iPad screen). It's definitely time to start doing more baby-proofing! He is so curious and loves to pull up, stand, and practice his couch surfing (or in our case, ottoman-surfing). Case in point, while I'm taking his 8 month pictures, he turns himself around in the chair and stands up, trying to see into the fireplace!

I know I say it all the time, but I really am so lucky. Liam is beginning to "hug" and "kiss" us in his own way, which is pretty funny and so heart-warming. He lights up our life, makes us laugh, makes us smile, and keeps us on our toes every day! I love you, sweet boy!


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  1. I love reading about his updates. Makes me remember the days with Eden and look forward to them with Hunter! I had to laugh at his stats in this one...Eden is 2 and weighs 26 lbs and wears a size 4 diaper for nap/bed time! However, she is in 24month/2T clothes ;) Glad you made it through cry it out - hard few nights, but the ones that follow are SO amazing since everyone gets to sleep!