Saturday, October 1, 2011

. . . should I even write about this?

I am probably jinxing myself by even writing about it, but Liam is sleeping through the night. I know. I can't believe it either. The last three nights he has gone down between 9 and 10, and hasn't woken up before morning! I got some great advice from a friend and I tried it on Wednesday night, and Liam slept until 5:00 am the next morning. I was all, NO WAY. So I tried it again the next night and it worked again. SHUT. THE. FRONT. DOOR. Then last night was his best yet: he ate at 7:30 pm, was sleeping by 9:00, and slept until 6:00 am. I'm still in shock! I'm not sleeping the whole time because I'm constantly watching the monitor because surely he'll wake up any second, but he hardly stirs! I'll go up a couple times to pat his butt or give him the paci, but that's all it takes and then he's out for another few hours! I can hardly believe my luck. I can't wait to get to the point where I actually sleep too, but for right now this is awesome! And we didn't even need Samuel L. Jackson's book. ; )

Besides the sleeping thing, we've had a pretty normal week around here. Keith has worked from home most of this week which is really nice because he lets me sleep in and will take care of Liam for a few hours in the morning, and will also cook us a real, hot breakfast, as opposed to the cereal or granola bar I usually have time for. Speaking of food, I'm so lucky that Keith enjoys cooking and has taken on that chore for us. Liam takes up so much of my time right now that I can't imagine also having to plan for and make meals every night of the week. Keith does all the grocery shopping unless the three of us can make it out of the house for that (like we did last night -- we walked to the store for a few things, which is absolutely one of my favorite things about living here). He makes us delicious and nutritious meals every night and does the dishes 80% of the time. How lucky am I??

So the weeks are flying by -- Liam will seven weeks old on Monday, and we will be home in ten weeks! I'm already looking forward to the trip (despite the stress of traveling with a newborn -- I'll be asking for advice later, I'm sure!), and can't wait to see all our friends and family. My only worry is making sure we spend enough time with everyone! We'll only be home for about 18 days, part of which will be spent in Alabama, and we're lucky enough to have lots of friends and family that want to spend time with us -- well, maybe not so much us, but Liam anyway. ; ) If you've ever moved away from home, I'm sure you can relate.

So here are a few pictures of my sweet boy from this week . . .

Takin' a nap with mom
Helping mom with laundry

"What the ???"
First time in his Bumbo!

Happy [healthy] boy : )
Hi Grams!

And a video of him hanging out in his crib one morning. . .

Blog soon!

~ Jessi


  1. You might not have asked for it yet, but since you said you ya go: my advice for travelling (Eden and I have traveled via plane alone a few times now - not as far, but plane rides none-the-less). If you have a baby carrier, take it with you (it doesn't count against your carry on items) because when you gate check the car seat (assuming you're taking his) it is a great way to be able to remain hands free. Remember that he's a baby and he's going to fuss just as much on the plane as he does at home. The changing faces will help him more than you know. He already knows that he needs to charm people, and he'll do it (I'm still trying to figure out how they know to do this!) If he fusses/cries, don't panic. I always go into a plane thinking I'm going to be "that mom" with "that kid" and people have always commented on how well Eden does (even when I feel otherwise). Nurse him or give him a paci on take off/landing so it helps with the pressure changes in his ears. Bring fun things for him to look at and let him rip the pages out of sky mall - he'll love the sound of the paper! Don't try to change his diaper on your lap, there's a fold down changing table above the toilets! Amazing!!! Above all, remember, he's a baby and you know what's best for him at home, and nothing will change just because you're on a plane. :) {Oh, and all of this is easier said than done, but worth knowing! Just like all things involved with being a parent!!!}

  2. So what was the great advice?! Please share, I couldn't get my kid to sleep through the night for six months!