Sunday, October 23, 2011

family time . . .

We have had a really great weekend here in the Coffey household . . . it started with dinner and a movie Friday night (all from the comfort of our home, of course), walking around Woensel on Saturday (including a daring cuisine choice), and ended with a fun afternoon in the park on Sunday.

So instead of writing about it, I'll just tell the story in pictures (and a video!) . . .


Keith decided to try a Dutch delicacy, pickled herring, from  our local fish stand where we always get lunch on the weekends . . .



Just another shopping day in the winkelcentrum . . .


We brought the camera to the park and captured a lot of sweet moments with Liam -- out of over 170 pictures, I'll only post some of my favorites so as not to bore you . . .

It was so hard to choose just a few, and I really hate that we were taking pictures of each other so there are no family shots. sigh. 

Oh well, I'm in love with my boys and so glad we got to spend the weekend together. : )



  1. Tip: setup a tripod and turn on the timer. Or if your camera can use a wireless remote, that could work too. ;-) I love the pictures though.

  2. I know, we need to buy a tripod! Or just have you make the trip and take pics for us!

  3. ;-) Sounds like fun. I need to get a passport first. Or if no tripod, use stroller or something to put the camera on to take the picture.

  4. I love the pictures!! They are great! Your hair looks like it is getting long!!

  5. That's not pickled herring, it's raw herring, which is, indeed, a Dutch delicacy.