Monday, October 17, 2011

Things I've Learned . . . (9 weeks)

Now that Liam is 2 months old, there are more things I've learned -- I feel like I'm constantly finding out more about him, better ways to handle things, and adjusting to my new life. I know there's more with each new stage, and I'm sure I'm constantly repeating myself when I say that I'm adjusting and learning more, but I really am! And I'm sure I'm not as adjusted today as I will be in another month or two. And sometimes it's overwhelming knowing I don't even love him a fraction of the amount that I will come to love him as the months and years go by. I've only felt this way one other time in my life, and that was on my wedding day.

I have the vivid memory of walking back down the aisle with Keith, and hugging each other around the corner, before our bridal party and families joined us, and having this intense fear of ohmygodIcan'tbelievewejustdidthatandwhathavewegottenourselvesinto??? I felt so much love it overwhelmed me -- this incredible feeling of knowing that the love I felt wouldn't even compare to how we would feel years down the road, after ups and downs and life together.

And that's how I feel now.

I'm sure there will be times where Liam will frustrate and infuriate and worry me to death. And many more times that I will love him so much it hurts, when I kiss and hug him for hours on end, and feel so much pride I might burst. I can't even imagine what the future holds.

But for right now, I have a 9 week old. And he's pretty amazing. Here's two pictures to show how much he's grown. I can hardly believe it . . .

Liam at 1 week
Liam at 9 weeks

So here are some more things I've learned in the last few weeks:

  • A purse is redundant when you can just throw your wallet and keys in the diaper bag.
  • I'm sure all hospital visits are scary, but they're really scary at 7 weeks old.
  • Sitting in traffic with a hungry baby is NO FUN. Seriously.
  • There will always be some study or research to back up what you think is right, and then another one (or five!) that oppose it. 
  • It is perfectly acceptable for both mom and baby to stay in our pajamas some days.
  • Boys start young -- this child can burp, fart, and snore like an old man!
  • Online shopping is a mommy's best friend!
  • Seeing a baby's smile first thing in the morning makes everything better (I'm going to get a video of him waking up one of these days -- priceless!)

And now it's PICTURE TIME! Here are some "outtakes" from Liam's 2 month pictures:

And other pictures from Liam lately:

Hangin' with dad

He loves his Mama
Helping mom with the laundry : )

About to head out on a cool, fall day

Can you tell I love this bib??

And here's a couple videos of him lately (check out the chubby legs in the bath!!)

Lots of love,


  1. This made me laugh: "There will always be some study or research to back up what you think is right, and then another one (or five!) that oppose it."

    i laugh mainly because this is my life in a nutshell and will be from here on out. I never thought so but maybe law school will help me through motherhood, if I ever become a mom! :) Miss you guys and can't wait to see you in December. Also, love these pics of Liam. He has the greatest expressions!

  2. I love these photos of Liam.

  3. Thanks guys!

    @Jenna - I think being a lawyer will totally come in handy *when* you become a mom, especially when having to negotiate with a 3 year old (or 5 or 10 or 15 year old!). You'll be an old pro by then ;)