Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Excuse me, Miss, is that wine in your diaper bag?

First of all, Liam continues to sleep through the night! He's going anywhere from 6-8 hours,which is fantastic! If only I was sleeping that much too . . . Anyway, many of you have asked what advice I got to help him, and I'm almost embarrassed to say because it seems so common sense! But you know how you get into routines and don't really change them? Well that has been us. Liam eats every 3-4 hours, sometimes a little longer at night, and we had been getting up to feed him around 2-3 am every night. Well a friend suggested I try to pacify him and get him back to sleep. So ever since, I just have to go in his room a couple times a night and pat his bottom when he starts to stir. He goes back to sleep and wakes up happy and energized in the morning! I felt like that is such "duh" advice, but another friend said that babies are programmed to wake every few hours and we need to teach them that they can sleep longer. I had just assumed he was hungry and ready to eat when he would stir and wake up, not realizing I could get him to go back to sleep for a few hours! Another lesson for this new mom . . .

So after a nice family weekend, Liam and I got out and about on Monday to run a couple errands and enjoy the beautiful fall weather. It's been very warm here lately (by Dutch standards), in the 70s and absolutely gorgeous. So Liam and I walked to winkelcentrum where my first stop was the kapsalon (hair salon) where I hoped to make an appointment to get my pony trimmed (aka: bangs). She sat me down and did it right then, which was awesome. I was much happier with my hair-cutting experience the second time around!

After that, we went to a few different stores so I could pick up a few things: canvases for a project I want to start, baby wipes, bottled water, etc. I also stopped by the Hema and found some adorable long-sleeved onesies for Liam -- they are in darker colors and definitely look boyish. I love them! I also picked up some more socks and a pair of sneakers for him (in 6-12 month size -- I've told you about his feet!).

So after finally hitting all these places and having the stroller filled to the brim, my last stop was the Gall & Gall for some wine. And I had no place to put  it  them. I sheepishly stuck  it  them in the diaper bag that was hanging off the front of the stroller and hoped that I wouldn't hear "Miss, this wine rolled out of your diaper bag!" on the way home (or however you say that in Dutch).

So we had a great afternoon just the two of us and Liam came home to pass out in his sling . . .

The beautiful fall day on our street
Cutie Pie in his sling -- he loves to sleep
with something covering his face

Last night Keith and I had "Dutch potato soup," a delicacy made famous by my dad when he visited, watched some tv, and hoped for sleep that night. Well, sleep we got, but maybe not the way we wanted . . . more on that in my next post.

~ Jessi

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