Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter!

It's hard to put into words what Easter means to me . . . I was on the verge of tears throughout the day as I thought about the resurrection and read things by people who can put it into words much better than I can. It is the most defining of days for Christians, where in a single moment we were granted the opportunity to have eternal life. God loves us that much, that He would watch his Son suffer and die so that I might truly live. Wow.

Easter here was probably like most of yours, spent with family. I got to prepare Liam's first Easter basket and watch him sort through it, which to be honest, was a bit anticlimactic at this age. I did put a lot of thought into what I wanted him to have in there, and I also had to do some improvising because it was difficult to find anything Easter-y here besides some chocolate bunnies and eggs. No traditional Easter baskets (which was fine with me), no green plastic grass (also fine), but I think the end result turned out great . . .

A good shot of the wrapping paper I cut into strips as "grass" for the bottom of the basket

Liam had in his basket:

  • a card from us explaining the true meaning of Easter
  • God Loves Liam, a special book from I See Me that talks about all the beautiful creations God has made, including our sweet boy : )
  • A large personalized placemat, also from I See Me, where Liam can eat his finger foods or color and do projects as he gets older
  • My First Easter bib (Target)
  • a blue and white soft plastic football for him to grab and throw (Target)
  • a rabbit stuffed animal (Hema)
  • a chocolate bunny (Jammin), which was more for Mom and Dad ; )
  • bunny ears to wear (Blokker)
  • a blue, yellow, and white overall outfit for this summer (Macy's, courtesy of Grandma)
  • a little wind-up Easter egg that walks (Hema)
It was sweet to see him crawl to his basket but I think he didn't really know what to make of it. 

The first thing Keith gave him was the chocolate bunny because he knew Liam would like the sound of the cellophane.

After that we showed him the different stuff, but he kept being distracted by Murphy who was intent on getting those bunny ears. 

sidenote: although he wanted the bunny ears, he did not want to wear the bunny ears

We finally were able to show Liam the rest of his basket with minimal disruption . . .



Happy Easter! 

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