Monday, April 9, 2012

Georgia on my mind . . .

Two weeks ago Liam and I boarded a plane and headed back to Georgia -- just the two of us! I really prayed a lot before the trip about our flight, and specifically the people who I would encounter on our journey. It really couldn't have gone better, thanks be to God. We had a day flight, which meant that I had to feed Liam all his meals (breastfeeding and solids) three times during the flight. Yikes! Out of the nine hour flight, Liam took three thirty minute naps on my lap -- that made for one very long day! Lucky for me, Liam never cried, but just fussed a few times when he would get tired or hungry. We also were fortunate to have the nicest people around us, all young folks who loved to give Liam attention, which let's face it, is what the boy lives on . . .

Liam and Gram Gram : )
Case in point: he loves to be held!


First on the agenda was shoe shopping! Although I'm always up for shoes, this was out of necessity -- I had to buy black wedges for the wedding I was in that weekend, so unfortunately for me (ha!) it was out to Off Broadway, with a stop at Target afterwards. : )

So the beginning of the week was spent getting adjusted and trying to see as many people as possible! Monday night my parents kept Liam so that I could do dinner with my two best friends . . . we hit up Sage and had an amazing dinner, complete with apps and a chocolate cake for dessert -- plus maybe one or two appletinis. ; ) It was so good to catch up and spend way too long chatting. I miss them tremendously!


Tuesday was spent playing! First we had a play date with Courtney and Casey -- if we still lived in Georgia I can pretty much guarantee that we would meet every week (with or without our boys!) from now until eternity. We went to Gymboree for a fun music class and despite the fact that it was during Liam's nap time, he stayed completely engaged and loved playing with instruments and singing and dancing! And Casey was such a pro, showing Liam the ropes and helping the instructor collect items and model all the hand motions! So presh. : ) Afterwards we went back to Courtney's to let the boys play some more. As you can see from the blurry pictures, it was hard to catch them in focus because they would not stop moving!

Casey's a walker!
These two boys could not look more like their dads if they tried!

We also played with Bailey when we got home -- it was so precious to see the two of them together. She loves Liam SO much and just wants to kiss and hug him 24/7. Since my mom watches Bailey during the day we had plenty of time for them to play together. The only hard part is that their schedules were hardly in sync -- plus Bailey never wanted to nap if Liam was awake, like she thought she was missing out on all the fun! Haha : )

How sweet are they? Between the hugs and kisses and stealing of pacis, it was a great week for the cousins. : )


Liam and I drove out to my mom's to spend the day with her, and my younger sister and brother. After some Chick-fil-A breakfast (yum!), Mom and I headed to Target where we both spent way too much money on way too many things for Liam. as can happen when grandparents are around! I think Liam is now set with summer clothes -- enough for him and all his friends! : )

The rest of that week was spent doing wedding stuff, so I'll save that (along with other fun stuff) for the next post!

Write more soon,

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  1. How fun! So glad you had a great time. I can not believe how much Baily looks like Josclyn in those pictures! I think it is the same "impossible to tame" hair! Love the pictures and the updates!