Tuesday, March 20, 2012

sterke jongen . . .

. . . means "strong boy" in Dutch. And that is exactly what we have here in the Coffey house. On Sunday I put Liam in his crib to play while I folded some laundry on the floor in his room. He kept looking at me through the bars of his crib and I guess he wanted to see me better because he put his two little hands on the railing and began to pull himself up. Now granted, we had not lowered the mattress on his crib yet so it was definitely within reach, but I was shocked! I called for Keith so he could come watch and Liam was smiling so big and proud as he pulled himself to his knees -- now he could see his Mama!

I tried to get him to do it again while we Skyped with the grandparents later that evening, but to no avail. I figured that, like most new "tricks," it would be a while before he would do this again.

I was wrong.

Yesterday while Liam and I were playing in the living room he pulled himself up on the ottoman.

I cried.

Seriously, I think I was in shock that he was literally growing up right before my eyes, and I expected him  to take his time learning this new skill, but oh no, not my son. He figured out he could do this and now there's no stopping him. Sigh.

And here he is doing it again today . . .



Mijn sterke jongen . . .


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