Sunday, March 11, 2012

. . . busy as a bee!

We had a really busy week here in the NL, so I'm just going to touch on each of the fun things Liam and I did each day!

Ready to walk to lunch!

Keith worked from home so the three of us walked to La Place in the winkelcuntrum for lunch. I always love sharing a weekday lunch with Keith -- he spoils us when he works from home because if he's not on a call he can help out if needed. It's nice to sleep in and let Keith get Liam when he wakes up. I don't know who loves it more -- Keith or Liam! They both have big smiles when they see each other in the morning. : )


There was a "Newcomers Brunch" at Rachel's house today that was jam packed! Although we've been here since June, this brunch was for anyone has joined the International Women's Club this year, so that meant me! Keith needed the car that day, so my good friend Megan picked us up (along with two other ladies -- the woman is a saint!) and we all drove out to Son for some good food and company. Speaking of good company, I met a great girl named Lindsey and her sweet almost-one-year-old Jackson. Lindsey and I spent the entire brunch talking and letting the boys stare at each other and play. : ) It was great to ask her advice about certain things like solid foods and sleep habits. I love meeting new moms! I can't wait to hang out with her again soon!

On our way home, Megan passed by the bus stop close to Rachel's and noticed another mom from the brunch with her 2 year old waiting for the bus. So what else does Megan do but pull right over and load them both into the van?? So five adults and two kiddos later, we are all headed back to Eindhoven so she can drop us all off at our respective homes. Did I mention she's a saint?!


Once a month many of the ladies from the IWCE meet at Douwe Egberts, a chain coffee shop that's about as close as you can get to Starbucks around here. I have yet to go, so I figured why not? I packed us up (including Liam's lunch) and headed to the Centrum to meet everyone. There was a great turn out, probably twenty or so ladies, and I loved chatting with old and new friends. I asked several people about suggestions on where we could plan our next trips and got some great feedback! I think we're going to try for Greece this summer for a vacation, and then maybe to Spain at the end of the summer, and I know we want to go to Prague at some point, plus there's always my birthday to think about (the big 3-0 this year) . . . so many possibilities!

When it came time to feed Liam, that was a big FAIL. There were no highchairs so I was having to feed him in my lap, he was so distracted, plus he was tired because he took a very short morning nap . . . it was impossible. So I packed up his lunch, popped him into the stroller, and began walking. He was asleep in, oh, about five minutes. Poor thing was so tired. So he slept while I did a little shopping -- mostly clothes for him (I can't resist!), but also a hand blender for when I do big batch baby food cooking (say that five times fast!).

watching the kids play at play group

After ten months of living here, I FINALLY went to my first play group with the Moms and Toddlers. There are several groups to participate in here (like Mums and Tots or another with the North American Women's Club), but this one is through the IWCE. I had a great time out at Kelly's with about six other moms and tons of kiddos running around (two sets of twins!). Liam is definitely the youngest and just watched all the other kids playing and having a good time. Out of nine kids there was only one girl and of course Liam was drawn to her like a moth to a flame! So young, but already loves the ladies! He watched her the entire time wherever she was and smiled all coy at her like, "I know I'm young, but give me a few years and I'll be chasing after you . . ." Precious!

We stayed and ate lunch at Kelly's as well, so I was able to bring my (now world-famous!) buffalo chicken dip . . . ohmiword, yum. I have to make this sparingly since I only have a couple more bottles of the specific wing sauce I use, but man do I love it! I may to have pack a few bottles into our luggage when I visit Georgia in a few weeks . . .

And just because I couldn't resist snapping a few more pictures of him when we got home . . .


Friday was another lunch at La Place . . . but Liam took a SUPER long morning nap, didn't wake up until noon, then had to eat before we could go anywhere, so we didn't make it until 1:30, which meant I missed seeing a couple moms that I was looking forward to talking to. Bummer. BUT, Sam was there, which it's always nice to see and hang out with her, plus several other friends hung out for a while, so it was all good. : )

After lunch, Liam took another nap in the stroller while I did some . . . what else . . . shopping. It's becoming a sickness I think. This time I even bought something for myself. Well, three somethings . . . shoes to be exact. I guess I was feeling left out after last weekend so I bought some cute, comfortable ballet flats, which, to defend myself, I have been on the lookout for for about two years now. So of course I had to get them in black. And brown. And red. Doesn't every girl deserve a pair of red shoes? : ) I think so, too.

Friday night Keith, Liam, and I walked to Queen Bee for dinner and this time Liam ate his dinner out like a professional baby food eater. Even the people at the next table commented what a good eater he was! We had a really nice time and even got Dame Blanche for dessert, which is basically a fancy way to say ice cream with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. It was dee-licious. : )


Food on my face, but my bib is clean!
I like reading chewing books!

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