Friday, March 23, 2012


Not only was my Thursday busy because of Baby Play Group, but we also had a fun night planned for LNO -- Ladies Night Out! Kate is due with her second baby in one week so we figured we better take advantage of her last days as a Mommy of one and celebrate the upcoming birth! Nine of us got together for dinner and toasted to babies (another mom is preggo and one friend has convinced her hubby to try for another one!) . . .

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you know we're always on the lookout for a good restaurant . . . not only is eating out expensive in the Netherlands (and yet groceries are so cheap!), but when we add a baby to the mix, it really needs to be worth our while to get out, fight tiny restaurants, and try to eat quickly enough and make it out before any tired meltdowns occur.

Well the restaurant we went to last night was nothing short of delicious, had a wonderful atmosphere, and a wait staff that acted as though we were the only table in the restaurant. Mykonos, a Greek restaurant in Son, is close enough and quaint enough that I think we'd be able to go with Liam for a nice, quick meal, or (even better) leave Liam with a sitter and go for a date night and have leisurely dinner complete with apps and desserts!

Most of us shared dishes, passed appetizers around, and partook in the complimentary liquer that was brought to the table before we ever got our first bite -- I told you they paid special attention to us! I'm so mad I didn't take pictures of our appetizers, but I can tell you that we ate tzatziki with pita bread, feta cheese, calamari, and stuffed red peppers. ohmiword. And that was just the beginning. Then came salads, entrees, desserts, and cappuccinos (and I can't forget the bucket of water we ordered!)!

Greek salad : )
What Dutch meal would be complete without the fries?
The dish that Jessica and I split -- all kinds of meats, shrimp, souvlaki, etc.
And although the food was amazing, what was even better was the company. We told stories, laughed a lot, and just got to have fun being women and friends for the night -- not someone's wife or mommy, worrying about feedings and bedtimes . . . just a good ol' fashioned Ladies Night Out. : ) We closed the restaurant as they turned off the music and turned down the lights, laughing and joking with the restaurant owner all the way out the door. After taking three friends home, I finally made it in the door around 11:30 pm, to a wonderful hubby who had put Liam to bed after stories and prayers. What a great night. : )


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