Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mom's Day Out . . .

. . . should be a regular occurrence, no? 

Thursday I had the wonderful, incredible opportunity to leave the house for a few hours without my main accessory -- Liam. I seriously felt naked. 

But let me back up.

A couple weeks ago I was talking with Keith about how I've been thinking of going to the International Women's Club monthly meeting, but I wasn't comfortable with leaving Liam in the childcare facilities they provided. In my opinion he's a little young as most of the kiddos are in the walking, talking, playing with each other age group. So Keith generously offered to take a couple hours off work and stay with Liam so I could attend the meeting. Husband of the Year, I tell ya!

Liam playing with Dad's wallet while I'm gone
I'm SO glad I was able to go, not just because I got to hear a great lecture on autism (thanks Deepa!), but also because I got to hang out with some old and new friends, and have a nice lunch -- one that didn't involve me worrying about, entertaining, and feeding another human! 

I was only gone about three hours, but boy was it nice! Keith is constantly encouraging me to get out, with and without Liam, meet up with friends, do dinner out, etc. I love that he is so supportive and wanting me to have a life outside of being "Liam's Mom." 

This Thursday I will be headed to dinner with about seven other friends, which I'm really excited about because it's at this great Greek restaurant that everyone here loves and we haven't been to yet. I've got to start thinking about what to wear, since people will be actually looking at me and not the adorable blue-eyed baby I'm usually toting around! Haha! : )


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