Sunday, March 11, 2012

in need of a spare battery . . .

Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day in Eindhoven so Keith and I decided to take Liam for a walk to the park. We luckily have a gigantic park around the corner from our house that has multiple playgrounds of all sizes, a rock wall, miniature zip line, doggie areas, trails, walk ways, petting zoo . . . the list goes on and on! Last fall we went there and did a mini photo shoot when Liam was a couple months old, so we knew we wanted to take the camera again and snap some family photos (especially now that we have a new tripod!). Unfortunately for us, the battery on the camera died after we had only taken a few pictures. Oh well, we still had our camera phones! So here are a few pictures from our family time in the park today . . .

Liam's first time in the stroller without the car seat -- he loved it!
Walking to the park!
Pretty little lake at the park
I {heart} my family

. . . and then the battery died . . . the rest are courtesy of my iPhone : )

Guess who was wiped out from all the fun?
Another lovely day in the NL!


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