Sunday, January 15, 2012

sweet home Alabama . . .

The week before Christmas we headed to Alabama to spend time with Keith's mom and family. It was so nice and relaxing, and I love how much going there feels like home to me. I'm one of those lucky few who has a wonderful mother-in-law who never puts any pressure on us and is just happy to see us as much as we can visit. I feel so comfortable there and loved being able to take it easy after two weeks of being crazy and on the go!

She was absolutely ENTHRALLED with Liam and couldn't get enough of him! I was so amazed at how well she did with him considering her youngest grandchild before Liam came along is now in high school! All she wanted to do was hold him and play with him and love on him all day.

She couldn't wait for Liam to open one of his Christmas presents because she said she wanted to be able to see him enjoy it while we there . . . so two days after we arrived, Liam opened his first Christmas gift!



Liam also got to see Keith's Aunt Sue, Aunt Ruby, and visit with his cousins . . .

All the grandkids together!
We also got to visit with Landon and Casey a few nights while we were there. Landon and Keith have been friends for almost thirty years (is that aging y'all too much??), and we love hanging out with them as much as we can. They've already booked their tickets to visit us in May and we are so excited to do some traveling with them! One of the nights they also had Jeremy, Tina, and Trey over to visit -- it brought back memories of being in Nashville together for the Half Marathon! Miss all you guys!

Tina, Casey, Liam, and I (with Lexie's head in my lap!)

Landon, Trey, Keith, Liam, and Jeremy
All in all, it was an awesome visit to Alabama, and we can't wait to see our friends again soon! And I know Keith's mom can't wait to get her hands on Liam again!


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