Tuesday, January 31, 2012

. . . let it snow!

Yesterday morning we awoke to a light dusting of snow on the ground! It was so beautiful to watch it come down lightly throughout the whole day. At 9:30 am it looked like this:

It continued to fall and about six hours later, it looked like this:

Mom and baby headed home
Friends out for a ride?
Liam also happened to have an appointment at the consultatiebureau today to get another round of vaccinations. We debated whether to take him out in this weather because he has a cold right now, but I did want to talk with the doctor about him being sick, starting solids, etc. So we bundled Liam up in his snowsuit (courtesy of Grandma) and headed to the consultatiebureau, which is about a 30 second drive. : )

Once there we unbundled him, got him weighed, measured, and checked out by the doctor. He weighs 7.8 kilos right now (17 lbs. 3 oz.) and is 68.5 cm long (27 inches). We agreed that because Liam was under the weather that we would bring him back for his vaccination once he felt better, hopefully in the next week or so. I'm glad we went though because the doctor listened to his lungs, checked him out, and was able to give us some recommendations on a few things that would help his cold. She said we could find "luuf," which is basically a Vick's vapor rub for babies, at Etos or the grocery store, so Keith got some last night for us to try. She also told us to cut open an onion and put it in his room, which sounds like an old wive's tale to me! Has anyone tried that with success? 

When we got home I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures of Liam in his first snow, so before getting him out of his snowsuit we stepped into the backyard to take a few shots. I had him outside for about 60 seconds and it was worth it -- classic pictures of his first snowfall! Next year he'll actually be able to play in it! How fun!

So the snow's all still here today, but alas, the sun is shining, so it won't be for long. I'll take what I can get. : )


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  1. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that you look just as cute as Liam does in this post! I love your boots and your hat :)