Saturday, February 4, 2012

fun in the snow . . .

Five days after the first snowfall we got hit with even more snow -- it started snowing around 1:30 pm on Friday and didn't stop for several hours! We got about five more inches yesterday and it was absolutely breathtaking! The flakes were HUGE and made beautiful powder all over EVERYTHING. Even today the snow on the ground was powdery soft. Back in Georgia our snow quickly turns to slush and ice so this was a nice surprise.

Although many people think The Netherlands gets a lot of snow, it actually snows here about as much as in Atlanta, maybe a little more. I'll put it this way: the Dutch freak out about the snow as much as Georgians do. Check out this news story about the chaos that has ensued because of the snow. Keith did actually bike to the store last night to pick up some stuff for dinner and he said he would rather bike than drive -- cars are a lot more dangerous when people aren't used to driving in the snow!

We even walked to the winkelcentrum today to have lunch and pick up a few things. Lucky for us, the Fishmonger was out today so we got some yummy fried fish and then had dessert at La Place. We happened to run into some friends at La Place so it was good to catch up with them!


And finally, one more photo of Liam in his "Arctic Expedition" pajamas (thanks Grams!) in honor of his first snow this week . . .

Check back for my next post, where Liam tries solids for the first time!

~ Jessi

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