Monday, February 13, 2012

. . . potluckin' with friends

Last summer at my very first potluck with the North American Women's Club I signed up to host potluck in February, thinking we would be pretty settled by then (and, selfishly, who wants to get a baby out in the February cold weather if they don't have to??). February rolled around before I knew it and the email went out inviting all the women in the club to my home on Tuesday, the 7th. Leading up to the weekend before the potluck I had only received 3 RSVPs, so I didn't feel any pressure at all about the big event. I sent out any email giving details about where to park and asked for any more RSVPs . . . and then they came flooding in! I went from 3 to 16 people in 24 hours. I was thrilled that so many people were coming,  and glad I hadn't known it until right before -- no time to feel anxious!

Keith helped me to get ready that weekend and luckily the hostess only has to provide drinks, so no need to cook anything! I had everything ready for Tuesday morning, and even Liam was being cooperative, so everything came off flawless! I really enjoyed having everyone over, and the women just come in and take over the kitchen, getting everything ready, and even helping with dishes afterwards. I wouldn't mind hosting every month if I had to! : )

Here are some pictures of yummy food and great friends . . .


. . . and the beautiful flowers I received as a hostess gift! (thanks Kathy!)

See everyone at the next potluck!


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