Sunday, January 15, 2012

going visiting . . .

. . . old stomping grounds

We really had a great time visiting with family and friends while in Georgia, and as long as four weeks sounds, it goes by really fast! I was able to get by my old work to visit teachers and students one afternoon and the kids were SO excited to see Liam. I went by all the second grade classroom so that my babies from last year could see him. He actually slept most of the visit, so he was covered up in his carseat, but I let them touch his little shoe, which just thrilled them to death. It's the little things, I guess. ; ) There were actually a few students who RAN to me the moment they laid eyes on me, and one of my precious ones even cried! It warms this teacher's heart and made me miss them oh so much. I was also able to visit with my team while they were on break and everyone got to "ooh" and "ahh" over Liam. Last time they saw me I was seven months pregnant, and then I came back with a four month old!

Being at school made me realize how very little I miss all the non-teaching responsibilities (teachers, you know what I'm talking about here), and the assessing that you can never fit in and meetings and the "there's so much to do but all I want to do is lay my head on my desk and cry moments." BUT -- I DO miss teaching with incredible people who inspire me to be better, and I really miss the awesome students and their families that I got to be a part of each year. As silly as it sounds, I miss TEACHING, but not all the other stuff, which these days accounts for about 70% of the job unfortunately. Sad but true.

After school I was also able to stay and chat with my old Bible Study, which was so awesome! I miss those ladies so much and all the wonderful conversations we used to have. Nothing compares to being in  a room of such supportive, nonjudgmental, honest, caring women who love Jesus! They are the BEST!

. . . best of friends

One great thing about coming home for Christmas was getting to see some friends who had moved to Montana a few months before we left for the Netherlands. All of us were chomping at the bit to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Tara Humata, so we met them and our other friends for lunch one day and then hung out afterwards. Before moving the six of us hung out all the time, and it's hard to believe that a few years ago we were vacationing at the beach with no kids (and then eventually little Miss K came into the picture)! This was the first time all the babies had hung out and it was so much fun!

Liam with Dad's friends, Justin and Pete
All the girls with their babies
And the dads with their kiddos -- notice the difference ; )
Liam and I

We also got to spend some quality time with one of my besties, Jane, and her family. We always try to do  Christmas one night with them where we have appetizers for dinner, drink some wine, and open gifts! We've known them for the past seven (is that right, Jane??) years, and love being their son Mason's Aunt Jessica and Uncle Keith. It was so neat to see how Mason interacted with Liam -- I can't wait to have him babysit when we move back! :)

I love the looks Liam and Mason are giving each other!

We also got to hang out with my other best friend, Jennifer, but somehow walked away with zero pictures together (except from Liam's dedication -- that's in another post). Unfortunately, our "Christmas" got messed up when we had to take Liam to the hospital one day (everything's fine) so I didn't get to do our regular hang-out-and-do-gifts-thing with her. : ( But we did get to spend some QT together when Jenn came over for Spaghetti Sunday and also chili night at my brother's house. Next time I'll have the camera!

Liam also got to spend time with my stepdad and grandmother, and boy has she absolutely loved being a "Great Grammy"! Here are some pictures from that day . . .

Ok, on to more stories and pictures . . .


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  1. This is great! I love the comparison pic of babies with moms then babies with dads! Too funny and it says so much :). -a