Sunday, January 15, 2012

Liam's dedication . . .

A few weeks before heading to Georgia, we found out that Stonecreek, our home church in Alpharetta, was having a baby dedication service the Sunday after we arrived. It was obviously meant to be, and we signed our family up right away! After arriving on Friday and surprising family and friends, I quickly said, "Oh, and by the way, can you come to church with us on Sunday to be a part of Liam's dedication? Pretty please??"

I am so glad we signed up to be a part of this intimate and beautiful service. The church went all out for each family and truly made it a special event. Keith and I had a little "homework" to do ahead of time, which included listening to a podcast and writing down some special words about the kind of person we hope Liam grows up to be, and what things we will do as parents to strengthen our relationship with each other and with God. We shared those thoughts that day as our family and close friends listened. They also pledged to help us in raising Liam to be a Godly man and promised to stand in the gap for us. After listening to our pastor speak on parenting, my dad had the opportunity to pray over Keith, Liam, and me, and we also read a special prayer that the church printed specifically for Liam. Each family went home with a special children's Bible and the book Parenting by the Book. We also got a special certificate that showed Liam's name to mean "righteous." After everything was over we had mini cupcakes (yum!) and refreshments. It was a short, but incredibly wonderful service and I'm so glad we were able to share it with those near and dear to us, who love Liam like their own. :)

Unfortunately we forgot our camera (doh!), but luckily our friends shared some pictures with us . . .

Liam loves his Aunt Jenn and Uncle Joe!
Us with Aunt Jane, Uncle Spencer, and Cousin Mason!
Us with my brother's family
I [heart] my family :)
I love my munchkin!
My pink nose gives away all the crying I was doing!
Liam with his Aunt Jenn
Jennifer couldn't get enough of Liam!
What an awesome, awesome day.


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  1. That is so cool they did a dedication day while you were there! Sounds awesome! Wish we could've been there! I've enjoyed all your holiday blog posts! What a wonderful trip and so glad we go to see you all!
    Love you!!!!