Monday, November 14, 2011

Things I've learned . . . (3 months)

So my "baby" is now 3 months old and I know everyone says time flies, but DANG! Liam is growing by leaps and bounds -- he's sleeping like a champ (10-12 hours a night), rolling over both ways, and eating steak and potatoes for dinner. I kid, I kid, but seriously, he may as well be for how much he's grown! I'm even wondering if he's about to have some teeth cut through with how much he's drooling!

Liam had his monthly check-up today and his 3 month stats are:
weight: 14 lbs. 13 oz. (6.72 kg, for my Dutch friends)
length: 24.8 in (63 cm)
head circumference: 16.6 in. (42.2 cm)

He also got his second round of vaccinations and has responded well again, thank God. He did cry this time, which tore me up, but was smiling and happy just a few minutes later. The doctor was impressed with how Liam is developing and said that she didn't think his teeth were coming in just yet, but probably would soon because of how he was trying to eat his hand and all the saliva he was producing.

I will go ahead and say here that Liam's doctor's appointment was scheduled for 9:05 this morning. And our little guy was still sleeping at 8:30 am. Which under normal circumstances would be wonderful, but not when he needs to be changed and fed before we leave. So while I hated to do it, I had to wake him up. He ate "breakfast" but was falling asleep at the end, and then was promptly scooped up, put in his car seat, and driven for approximately 2 minutes before getting out of the car, undressed,  and weighed, measured, etc. All within a time span of oh, about 45 minutes from the time he woke up.

Now most of you know that we had a little bout with reflux a couple weeks ago, and I'm happy to say that Liam had been doing really well with a few simple changes on our end. Had been. Up until this morning, when--against our better judgement--we woke him up, fed him, jostled him around a bit, and proceeded to watch as he continually spit up throughout the whole doctor visit. I felt AWFUL. I knew better and him spitting up was completely my fault. Now I'm probably overreacting, because a little spit up never hurt anyone, but when he had been doing so well about not spitting up, and then I'm the cause for it, it makes me feel terrible. I cried the minute we got home and made Keith promise we would never get a first-thing-in-the-morning appointment again.

So this life does of course come with some new lessons. Without further adieu, here are things that I have learned as mommy to a 3-month old:
  • The Guilt does exist and reared its ugly head this morning (see: guilt, tears, headache, stress)
  • Baby nails still grow far too fast for me, but now they're really annoying when he claws at my chest during feedings
  • Always have the camera ready! With how quickly he's growing, I never know what milestone I may catch at a moment's notice.
  • People say "trust your gut" -- I think my "gut" is still developing because I second-guess every explanation, justification, and reason for every decision I try to make.
  • Don't wear lipstick. (any advice for one that doesn't come off with all the smooching I do on Liam??)
  • Shopping with a baby is almost impossible. Besides trying to navigate a stroller between too-small aisles and too many people, there's the challenge of actually trying anything on . . . impossible. Instead, we aim for early morning shopping, buy, try on at home, and return if necessary. 
  • I've learned how to do most things one-handed or no-handed with a baby on my hip, including email, making meals, and talking on the phone (all at the same time sometimes!).
  • What used to take one hour now takes all afternoon. Between feedings, play times, and intermittent naps, I can only work in 20 minute increments. (My next goal is trying to clean out the closet -- this may take me a week!)

And here are some outtakes from Liam's 3 month pictures. I love my little munchkin!

Always finding sock lint in between these toes


Aw, Mom, you caught me!

Notice the drool down the front of his shirt!

Excited about a fun birthday weekend ahead!


  1. Mommy guilt...the worst thing! Any chance it goes away or gets better!?!? Probably not, huh?

    Poor J has been drool, chewing, and whining with teething discomfort off and on for 3 months...WITH NO TEETH TO SHOW FOR HER EFFORTS!!! I do love her gummy grin, so I don't mind!

    Love reading your posts and the pictures are wonderful!!

  2. Thanks Sher :) And that's crazy about J! Teething is no fun!

  3. Jessie - you are so cute - awesome start to motherhood - you're doing great!!!! the guilt - well it's hard to say don't ... but really - you are there for him 200% - so try to cut yourself some slack. Liam is adorabale - and - to us - he is Y O U when you were a baby - always smiling - so good. Love you - and Liam - to bits!!!! always - titi lou