Thursday, November 3, 2011

. . . cutest pea in the pod

So a few weeks ago I mentioned that I was disappointed because Liam didn't have a Halloween costume or even a cute "First Halloween" onesie to wear this year. Low and behold, a wonderful friend (and parent of a former student) sent Liam a pumpkin costume to wear that both her children had worn for their first Halloween! It was so neat to have Liam continue the tradition and share in something so special. : )
Here are some pics of him in his pumpkin costume, 11 weeks old to the day:

Last Saturday we were headed to a Harvest Festival put on by the NAWC, and we took one of Keith's colleagues from Georgia who was here working over the weekend. Anytime someone is in town Keith tries to invite them for dinner or out somewhere because he knows how lonely it can get when you're constantly traveling and away from home. While at the Harvest Festival, we had to pull out the camera because the scenery was so gorgeous! And Mike snapped a few pictures for us because (like I mentioned before) it's hard to get a family shot of the three of us!

And then while at the Harvest Festival, a friend said, "I have a costume for you!" So Liam ended up with not one, but two costumes! He not only got to dress up as a pumpkin, but a pea in the pod as well! I took him out to the park behind our house and snapped these pictures with the pumpkin we got from Sam and Bart:

Look at those blue eyes!

We had a great time going to a Halloween dinner at Sam and Bart's, and got to enjoy our first Halloween as a family. Now I can't believe it's November, with Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner! I'm so excited to go home and see everyone in just a few short weeks!


PS - Funny (and true) story: I was talking on the phone to my little brother and told him that Liam dressed up as a pea in the pod, and he acted a little confused and asked what that looked like. I started describing the costume and he goes, "OH! I thought you said pee in the pot!" I'm not quite sure what that costume looks like either . . .

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