Thursday, November 3, 2011

. . . a laundry problem

One thing we've been dealing with lately has been Liam's spit- up. About a month ago we took him to the ER because he was spitting up bile, to which they concluded it must've been a bug or something. Well, twice last week he spit up bile in the morning again -- but not near as much as the first time, and with no other symptoms. He acted completely normal the rest of the day and seemed ok. But we took him to the doctor on Monday anyway, just to have him checked out. The doctor said it must be reflux, and said for me to "feed Liam less" -- I almost asked him if he had ever tried to remove a baby from his nipple before. But I didn't. I obviously have lots of restraint.

Keith and I were less than thrilled when we left, so I took Liam to our consultatiebureau the next day because they had open office hours after 4:00 pm that day. They weighed him and he's a whopping 14 pounds, 8 ounces! I talked with the doctor there about what had been going on, and she gave me much better advice about a few things to try. She also made me feel better about how normal it is for breast-fed babies to spit up this way, and really said that this is more of a laundry problem than a health problem. Especially because he is gaining weight great and hitting all his milestones. It may just be something we deal with for the time being. He hasn't had any more problems with spit-up this week, which is wonderful, and I hope the trend continues! But if anyone has any other advice, I'm all ears -- especially how to cope with the bile when it happens, which isn't often, but I hate to know he's in pain : (

On a happier note, here are some pictures of Liam from the last couple weeks . . . he's such a stinker!

Who wouldn't want to look at that face every day??
Handsome like Daddy : )

"I'm so cute it's dangerous" -- true dat
Having breakfast with Deena!

I'm loving life with my little one!



  1. Ethan spits up all the time. At one point it seemed like 1/2 of what he ate. He was prescribed to Zantac and I would give it to him for a week until it got better then quit - much like antibiotics when I am supposed to take them. I think my poor medical habits are transposing into my parenting. I just dont want to give him medicine. Is that strange? Anyways, he still has spit up. He's gaining weight. The world is not ending. And, I dont think it causes him any pain. But your nurse lady is right. It is a major laundry problem. Good thing the clothes are so small and you can fit them all in one load. :) Welcome to bibs! Lots and lots of bibs.

  2. Agreed- Bibs! It will get better, Kaitlyn spit up a lot too in the beginning! Sounds silly to pull him off and cut his meals short! Poor thing, I wish you would have asked that doctor about pulling him off his nipple...