Monday, November 7, 2011

hello again, and goodbye . . .

We've had a busy weekend here in Eindhoven that included a special visitor from home -- our friend Spencer had an extra long layover in Amsterdam this weekend (on his way to India), so he took the train out to visit us for a few hours. Spencer was the first of our friends to hold Liam just one week after he was born, and he couldn't believe how big he'd gotten! I'm so mad for not getting another shot of him holding Liam because it would have been fun to compare! Oh well, maybe next time. It was (again) great to see a friend and catch up on life and how things were going. If I couldn't see one of my besties, Jane, then her hubby was a good substitute. ; )

Anyway, we fed Spencer some spaghetti (it was Spaghetti Sunday, of course), hung out for a while, then went into Eindhoven to see GLOW before Spencer took the train back to Amsterdam.

Glow is this big one-week event in Eindhoven every year that is described as an "International Forum of Light and Architecture." Locals say it is a way for Philips to show off their lighting. ; ) You can apparently buy a guide to tell you all about the lights, the buildings, and where to walk to see the exhibits. We unfortunately did not buy said guide, so we pretty much saw two displays and were left a little underwhelmed. Keith and I may go back next weekend and do the actual walking tour to see more. I've heard great things about it, so maybe it was just a little built up in my head. But we did get a picture of our little family in front of the light display where the walk starts (that's Liam wrapped up in our sling, sleeping while we walked around).

So after dropping Spencer off at the train station, we headed home because Keith had to pack.

If you didn't catch that, Keith had to pack.

For a trip.

To our hometown.


Liam and I woke up extra early this morning to take Keith to the train station to begin his five-day work trip. Coincidentally, Philips has moved us to the Netherlands, and now one of Keith's biggest projects is in Atlanta. On the positive side, it works out for him to go home, visit friends, and pick up some things we can only get in the States. As sad as I was to see him leave, I did send him with a shopping list. Gotta take advantage somehow. : ) Keith of course will be taking advantage of the trip by eating at all our favorite places: Tara Humata (best Mexican food ever), Chick-fil-A (so jealous), and so on. I'm totally envious. Between a hectic few days at work, and picking up some much-needed items for us, I think he'll also have time to see a couple friends, which will be great for him. It's been five months since we left, and I can't wait to head back soon, too!

I am of course nervous to take care of Liam, Murphy, and myself alone for five days, but I know it can be done. I promised Keith that Liam and Murphy would be fed, and I would try my best to take care of me too. Actually, Keith helped in a big way by buying groceries for me for the week to make sure I had breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day, and also prepared all of Murphy's food for the week (because we have this high-maintenance  dog who is eating real chicken with veggies and fish oil). I do feel ready for the week, and have a couple things planned with friends, but gotta be honest and say that it scares the heck out of me to be a single mom for a week! Any advice or encouragement is very welcomed! My plan is to take it easy, don't overdo it, and try not to worry about the house this week. If I can take care of the three of us (and maybe get in a few workouts), I'll consider it a successful week!

Ok, baby's up -- gotta go!


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  1. When Lane is gone I find myself realizing that I forget about the dogs and then overcompensate and forget to take care of myself. Just roll with the punches and you'll make it through! In the end you'll be surprised at how quickly it went.