Thursday, November 10, 2011

one boy is not enough for me . . .

It's finally Thursday, which means my hubby comes home TOMORROW! I am SO excited I might pee my pants (that, plus the fact that I have about a fifteen pound weight on my lap as I type this). The week has actually gone by quickly, and I must admit I'm pretty proud of myself. I not only took care of Liam and the dog all week, but I even managed to take care of myself -- I got in my workouts, meals, and dinners with friends, too. At the beginning of the week I didn't necessarily doubt that I could do it all, I just knew that it would be a little tougher. I'm used to taking care of Liam all day, so the night was just an extension of the day, which wasn't too big a deal. I tried out a new bedtime routine with Liam this week and it seems to be working well -- yesterday he slept in until almost noon! YAY for getting stuff done!

What actually got to me the most was how lonely I was without Keith. I really, REALLY missed him, and not because he's such a huge help with Liam, or that he takes care of feeding and walking Murphy, or even because he cooks dinner most nights (although all of those things make my life so much easier) -- but rather I just miss HIM. He's my partner, my best friend, my everything, and I'm just no good without him. So tomorrow morning I will get Liam and I ready, head to the monthly NAWC lunch at La Place, and wait for Keith to arrive at the train station around 3 pm. Thrilled doesn't begin to describe it.

Another reason it's been hard this week is because it is getting dark SO early now, and it only gets worse each day. So it feels like the nights are extremely long and I get tired so early now. I sometimes am counting the minutes until Liam's last feeding so I can go to bed! The winters here are pretty extreme with the lack of light -- in another month it will be dark around 4:00 pm and the sun won't come up again until 9:00 am the next day. That is not a lot of daylight hours! We loved it back when we arrived during the summer and could stay outside eating dinner on a patio and watch the sun set at 10:30 pm! Those days are long gone.

So after four days together, Liam and I are ready for hubby/daddy to come home. But we did have a good week where we shopped, had Sam over for homemade pizzas, and went to Deena's tonight to hang with her and the kids. It went by fast and I'll be so happy come tomorrow afternoon! Here are some pictures I took this week:

Hanging with mom (literally)

At the beginning of the shopping trip -- excited!

At the end of the shopping trip -- Liam had *this much* fun ; )

4 weeks till we're headed to the States!

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