Thursday, October 4, 2012

See you later, Alligator!

The rest of our week in Georgia was spent with family and friends, enjoying our last few days together. "Lita" (my mom) came to pick us up Monday and Tuesday to hang out with Liam, which was nice. One day we went to the mall and walked around, and let Liam get in some of the rides, which he loved. He also learned to drink from a straw that day, which he found to be so awesome!

The next day she took us to this great play place that was a HUGE gym with all kinds of things for Liam to get into. There were slides, climbing structures, ball pits, a dance floor, gigantic legos, etc. Liam played for literally two and a half hours straight, and was so exhausted by the end that he just laid down in the middle of the floor! He had such a great time. 

That night we went to dinner with Jenny, Ben, and their kiddos so we could say "thank you" for her help with the party and spend some QT together. :) We talked about how crazy it is that we have been friends for 20 years, and done birthdays together (she gave me a Janet Jackson tape -- yes, TAPE -- for my 10th birthday), graduations (middle school, high school, and college), wedding showers, baby showers, and now kids' birthday parties together! How crazy is that?!

Another afternoon we had the pleasure of a visit from the Hemingways . . . I have been friends with Alli since I taught her oldest daughter (and then youngest later on) about five years ago. I then found out she worked at my doctor's practice so I changed to her and have been seeing her ever since! To make a long story short, Alli discovered that I had dermoid cysts about the size of two oranges on my ovaries, and needed surgery to have them removed. I credit her with the safe and healthy pregnancy just months later . . . if not for her who knows how long it would've taken for me to get pregnant, or (God-forbid) getting pregnant and then finding out I needed to have surgery! I always say she is the reason I have my little boy. : ) So having Alli and her two incredibly sweet and smart daughters come for a visit was a real treat!

One last thing Keith and I wanted to do before we left was go on a nice date night one last time. My parents watched Liam and Bailey that night as we dressed up and headed to downtown Atlanta to go to one of our favorite restaurants, Ray's in the City. It brought back a lot of nice memories of when we were dating and Keith lived in Atlanta. The food was, of course, to die for, but the company was even better. : ) It was so nice to talk and enjoy each other's company. We decided that night that as soon as we got back to Eindhoven we were going to get a babysitter and do this more often (which we did, more on that in another post!). After Ray's, we headed closer to home and stopped at Cafe Intermezzo for some delectable dessert -- Oreo cheesecake (and some Bailey's Irish Cream). It was the perfect end to a wonderful night. : )

The next afternoon we attempted to pack four suitcases full of our stuff, gifts for Liam, and lots of American goodies to take back with us. We actually had to leave some things behind for Keith to bring back on his next trip! Our flight left that evening, and the flight home was much better than the one there. Liam slept most of the way, and the time that he was awake he was ok staying in our arms and resting, eating bananas, and smiling at flight attendants. It probably had something to do with the nun sitting next to us -- I'm sure she was praying to God that this baby would not be a pill during the flight, haha!

As nice as it was to spend so much time in Georgia, it was also nice to get home and settled back into our routine. Liam sleeps so much better in his own crib, so I finally felt like we were getting better sleep too! It took a few days for all of us to adjust, but by the time Keith started back to work on the following Monday we were all good. : )

See everyone at Christmas! (yes, we're still coming, despite Keith's threats of never getting on another plane again until Liam turns five ; )


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