Monday, October 22, 2012

apple pickin' . . .

There happens to be an orchard right down the street from us, and coincidentally it is run by Philips! The Philips Fruittuin is HUGE and allows anyone and everyone to come in and pick apples and pears off their trees -- there is no fee to go and you just pay for what you pick! It was so cheap, only €0.25 a kilo! They give you a canvas sack to collect your apples in, and we got about a bushel for €1.25! There were a TON of people there, but it wasn't crowded because the orchard is so gigantic. Our friends Lindsey and Josh met us there with their son Jackson, and the boys were so funny checking out all the apples on the trees and the ground. The only problem was once Liam figured out we were putting apples in our bag he wanted to put every apple in the bag! We basically walked around the first dozen rows and didn't go much further because we were all ready for lunch!

Afterwards we stayed to eat at the pancake house they have on the grounds. Dutch pancakes are very different than what we're used to, but still so good! They are very thin, almost crepe-like, and they bake all kinds of stuff into them . . . you can get apple, bacon, cheese, veggies -- almost like an omelette but made with pancakes instead of eggs! My favorite is usually bacon and apple. : )

It was a great day with friends, and I'm so glad we were able to take advantage of something so close to us! It makes me sad to think that we might not be here to experience the orchard next year . . . but I'm sure next fall I will be visiting Burt's Pumpkin Farm and other fun fall activities in Georgia! : )


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