Thursday, October 4, 2012

. . . playing catch up

So in order to bring this blog up to speed, I think I'm just going to do a little "picture dump" of some things we have been up to here in the NL, which is basically a lot of pictures of Liam because who can resist his cuteness? Not me!

Liam walking around at his 1 year doctor appointment :)

I can't get a clear picture anymore because the kid is constantly moving!
Liam "walking" his dog
Playing in the ball pit at a play place

Date Night!
mommy feet and baby feet :)
 We've also had a lot of play time with good friends!

Great day to be at the pool!
Checking out the birds with Jackson
Feeding goats
SOOOO exhausted from all his playing
Hey Buddy!
We had a spend-the-night party and tried to get a good picture of the boys in their pjs -- not happening!
Dance Party in their pjs!

More to come!!!


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