Monday, February 18, 2013

saying goodbyes . . .

I'm not gonna lie . . . it's been a rough couple weeks here in the Netherlands. We've been having to say goodbye to some of our best friends here as they move back to the States. First there was Jennifer's family, who are going back home to have their third child. It's possible they will be back after the baby is born, but there's no guarantee we will be here depending on when they come and when we go. Jennifer lived right down the street from me and we were always getting together, plus it was easy to catch a ride with her to other play dates on days that Keith needed the car. Most car rides started with Liam and Abby holding hands in the backseat and ended with them fast asleep, heads back, mouths open. Here are just a few of the pictures as evidence:

It was great having a friend so close, and Jennifer and I were able to rely on each other in times of need or for impromptu dates at the park. On the bright side, Jennifer's parents happen to live only a couple miles down the road from us in Georgia so I know we will see her for sure! It has been so awesome getting to know her, and I know we will stay in touch. I'm already looking forward to getting together with her next time she visits her parents! : )

Miss you already Jennifer!! (and Liam still asks for "Babby?"!)


We also had to prepare to say goodbye to our good friends Lindsey, Josh, and their son Jackson the following week. We made sure to have a going away dinner for Lindsey before Jennifer left town, as we had all grown really close . . .

Barcelona, Spain
and so had our kids . . .

and even the husbands!

Last week after we got back from Barcelona, we had a few more days to spend with Lindsey and her family. Lucky for us their movers came a few days before their flight home, so they stayed with us for a day and a half until they needed to head out of town. It was great to spend lots of quality time with them before they left, but it was so hard to see them leave. Lindsey has definitely been my best friend here and Jackson has been Liam's first best friend. They totally act like brothers -- fighting over toys one minute, laughing and squealing the next. There were always hugs and kisses when they left one another and if I ever asked Liam if he wanted to play with friends that day he would always say, "Jack Jack?" Jackson is five months older than Liam, so Liam was always watching Jackson to learn new things and see what they could get into. 

We've done spend the nights . . .

always blurry pictures with these two!
visited towns in the Netherlands . . .

gone to the park . . .

been to the pool . . .

gone on trips together . . .
Liam and Jackson in Prague
been trick-or-treating . . .
Jackson, Liam, and Abby

and even rung in the New Year together!

It has been awesome to share these experiences with other families! It has been so precious to watch our kids grow up together, even if only for one year out of their lives. Here are just a few more sweet pics of our guys . . .

Their very first picture together -- such babies!
These boys love Elmo!
(or as Jackson says, "Elno" and Liam calls him "Melmo")
Two boys just hanging out!
One last snack before Jackson leaves town
Josh reading to the boys their last night here
Friday night we all just hung out, ate some dinner, reminisced about the past year, and talked about the future. On Saturday we all went to Speelparadijs (a play place around the corner from our house) and let the boys run around and get some energy out. They had a blast and I think it was a little bit of a somber mood for the rest of us that afternoon. After naptime it was time for them to hit the road and we said our goodbyes . . . SO SAD to hug Lindsey for the last time. I think the coming weeks will be hard, as things settle down and reality hits. However . . . friends like her are far and few between and I know we will remain close, though miles may separate us. It will not be the last time we are together, and we hope to plan some trips to visit each other or perhaps meet in a nice vacation locale! I am so blessed to have met her here and found another lifelong friend.

Love and miss you Linds!


PS -- goodbyes suck. that is all.

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  1. Miss you too! Tearing up reading this! Can't wait to see you all again! xoxo!