Tuesday, March 26, 2013

a two-party kind of day . . .

Last Saturday I had a very busy day trying to make it to two parties -- a baby shower for a friend followed by a birthday party for 4 year old twins! It also happened to be very windy and snowing that day . . . holy cow was it a crazy day!

I headed to my friend Sam's house that afternoon for the baby shower celebrating Meredith and her soon-to-arrive son. It was really fun seeing old friends and meeting new ones . . . unfortunately I did not take a single picture, so I will have to see if I can steal one from Sam sometime soon. We played a few games, got to know each other better, and oddly enough discussed more "how did you meet your husband?" stories than baby stories. It felt like a wedding shower instead of a baby shower, haha! But it was really interesting hearing marriage stories from the several different cultures that spanned our group -- from American to British to Croatian and Dutch, everyone's traditions were unique! It was so funny to compare engagements and ceremonies and ring-giving. It hadn't dawned on me that we all do these things differently!

Before the shower we were asked to email in a baby picture of ourselves to be displayed so that we all could guess who was who. I was shocked to find that my friends were able to clearly find me because they recognized Liam! One friend even commented that at first glance she wondered what Liam's picture was doing on the wall! Here's the picture I sent in so you can compare and see what you think . . . I have been told from Day One (and I've thought so too) that Liam is the spitting image of his dad, so it's not very often that I hear he looks like me! I'll admit that I can't stand this picture of me, but it was the only one I could find to email in, so oh well. :)

What do you think? I think he does have some "Camacho" in him . . .

Anyway, Meredith got lots of beautiful things and we ate a delicious lunch of two different quiches and a yummy apple and spinach salad with curry dressing. The hostesses did a great job of keeping our bellies full and our hearts happy -- a beautiful shower indeed!

Unfortunately I had to run out early because I needed to get home to pick up Keith and Liam and head to Kelly's to celebrate her twins turning four! Jack and Christian are big boys now! The party was in full swing by the time we arrived and we quickly settled in, mingling, eating, and drinking our way around the party. Kelly even rented a couple bounce houses, and despite the freezing temps many kids played outside in snowsuits and winter gear!

We had a really great time and hated to leave at the end of the night. But before we headed out we were able to get a few pictures of the moms and kids (and this was even after many people had left!) . . .

Kelly was, as always, the perfect hostess, and her hubby Pete grills a mean brat -- lots of fun was had by all, especially the birthday boys! What a great Saturday spent with friends!


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