Wednesday, May 23, 2012

a day at the park . . .

Today Lindsey and I decided to meet at the park near my house to let the boys play, which we've done several times now. However, I guess we've never done it on a Wednesday, because we were in for a quite a shock! I forgot that the schools have half days every Wednesday . . . so that, plus the fact that it was a gorgeous, albeit HOT, day, and everyone plus their brother was at the park today. I'm talking HUNDREDS of kids. We saw birthday parties, parents chasing naked babies, and lots of ice cream eating going on. Luckily, the park is huge and very spread out with lots of different areas for kids to play, including . . . a pool! Well, not so much a pool as a shallow water play area, but still.

Lucky for me, Lindsey brought sunscreen, so we lathered the boys up, stripped them down, and let them test the waters! Jackson absolutely LOVED it and had fun stepping through the water and splashing around (with a ten pound diaper at the end to prove it!). Liam, however, was a little unsure. He was fine in my arms, and would even stand in shallow water for a few minutes, but would get scared by all the noise and big kids and splashing and running around. More than once he got splashed by older kids nearby and did. not. like. it. We decided it would definitely be more fun to come again when we're a little more prepared (i.e.: bathing suits, sun hats, appropriate clothes for us moms, etc. -- and on a day that's less crowded!).

Lindsey and Jackson
Me, Liam, and Liam's belly :)
taking it all in . . .
After playing in the water area for about 20 minutes, we got the boys dressed and headed to one of the small playgrounds. Most playgrounds in the Netherlands are typically sand playgrounds, but this one has some grass, which was nice for Liam to crawl around in.

We then headed to the concession stand and got some french fries and ice cream to share with the boys. Liam had never had a french fry before, but has had white potatoes, so I figured why not? After they cooled off I gave him part of one and he chowed down! In reality he only ate one whole french fry, but he loved every bite!

Liam and Jackson enjoying their snack!
I'm looking forward to going back again, on a day where half of Eindhoven hasn't decided to hit the park as well!


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